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5 Tips for Managing a Reorganization

Tips for Effective Reorganization Management A reorganization (or restructure) is any process where an organization makes significant changes to its financial or operational structure so that it’s better positioned to meet its goals. With time, a reorg is something...

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What is a Hierarchy Diagram?

What is a Hierarchy Diagram (Org Chart)? A hierarchical structure is based on the idea of a hierarchy. In an organization, this is a system where people are “ranked”, usually based on their job roles and “status”. The classic (albeit far more linear than most...

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What is Tactical Planning?

Tactical Planning for Businesses When your business defines its overarching long-term goals, it likely also puts together strategic plans to go with them. These plans, which set out the overall vision and objectives for the company, mean nothing without there also...

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What is Transparent Communication?

Creating Transparency in the Workplace Organizations that are more transparent with their employees tend to be more successful. This is because an open and transparent working environment instils a feeling of value among employees and encourages them to contribute and...

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5 Signs You May Need a Company Restructure

What is a Company Restructure? Every company will experience the need to make changes and restructure its existing systems, processes, and teams during the journey from inception to maturity. It’s a natural and inevitable part of the company lifecycle. While there are...

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What are Organizational Charts?

What are Organizational Charts? An organizational chart---also known as an ‘org chart’ or an ‘organogram’---is a visual tool that illustrates an organization’s internal structure by detailing the roles, responsibilities, and relationships that exist between different...

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