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Hiring Your First Employees As A First-Time Employer

Hiring Employees for the First Time Hiring your first employee(s) as a first-time employer can be a huge step for your business. Not only is there a sudden sense of responsibility (there’s nothing that says responsible quite like being in charge of another person’s...

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Conducting Skills Gap Analysis: Things to Consider

Skills gaps will always exist. That’s a fact. It is the one thing that CEOs worldwide all struggle with, and they are more prevalent now than they have ever been thanks to the changing nature of the world of work; people today are doing jobs that didn’t exist in the...

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5 Key Human Resources Functions

Human Resources (HR). Every company has an HR team, department, or designated individual, but what does it actually do? When people think of HR, they probably think of huge businesses with massive teams of individuals who are tasked with keeping a watchful eye over...

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3 Best Practice Tips for Scaling Your Business

Every business starts with a good idea. You developed a new product or service from a unique idea. You found a way to enter the market and stand out from your competitors. You built a customer base by providing a product or service that beats what everyone else has to...

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5 Tips for Efficient Workforce Planning

Achieving Efficient Workforce Planning---Org Charts and Other Tips Strategic workforce planning is an essential part of the human resources (HR) workload. It ensures that an organization has the right people in the right places and that these people are doing the...

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5 Tips for More Powerful Internal Presentations

When delivering presentations to a general internal audience, senior managers, or even investors, a lot can be riding on its contents and how information is presented, and the PowerPoint slides that you create can go a long way to making your presentation a success....

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How to Effectively Manage Your Remote Team

Remote and 'flexi' working are quickly growing; many large corporations are abandoning the traditional, strict nine-to-five in favor of a more modern and welfare-first working model. Still, though, remote working is a long way off being considered the norm---and that...

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