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Staying On Top of Employee Wellbeing During COVID-19

The term ‘working from home’ has never been quite so literal. Prior to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this could mean working from the library or a coffee shop, hot-desking at a co-working space, or catching up on emails during a working lunch. However, coronavirus...

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The Four Stages of Quarantine

For many of us, it feels like time has lost all meaning in this new stay home reality. And although some parts of the world are returning to relative normality, many of us are still stuck at home for one reason or another. With days feeling...

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GDPR Compliance for US Companies

While the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law of the European Union (EU) on data protection and privacy, its remit far exceeds the physical boundaries of the EU and European Economic Area (EEA). In fact, it includes the United States, the EU’s largest...

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The Evolution of Org Charts: From the 1850s to Now

While org charts have gained significant traction in recent years, they are by no means new. In fact, the origins of the earliest org charts go back all the way to the 19th century when Daniel McCallum, a Scottish-born railroad engineer who was the general manager of...

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How Effective Org Charts Can Transform Your Business

Does your business have an org chart strategy, or even use them? If not, it should. Organizational charts are the graphical representations of structures within an organization. Although they commonly take the form of full company org charts that map out the overall...

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Onboarding 101 – Welcoming a New Team Member

You know yourself just how daunting and nerve-wracking it can be to start a brand-new job. Walking into the office on your first day and not knowing anybody, where to find anything, or how you’re going to fit in. You’ve probably been there before, and these are all...

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Org Structures – Top-Down vs Bottom-Up

Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Org Structures There’s a common theme amongst modern organizations: They tend to place their most important employees at the bottom of their structures and org charts. The people who keep the cogs turning—the shelf stackers, the customer service...

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Our Top Tips for Remote Work

To say that a lot has changed over the course of just a few months would be an understatement. Not only are many of us now facing lockdown loneliness, familial health concerns, and uncertainty for the future, we are also having to adapt to a whole new way of...

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3 Ways to Integrate Org Charts Into Sales

Org Charts for the Sales Professional Sales is the lifeblood of any business, and those tasked with making them face many challenges. One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s sales professionals is being able to access comprehensive and up-to-date information...

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