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3 Ways to Integrate Org Charts Into Sales

Org Charts for the Sales Professional Sales is the lifeblood of any business, and those tasked with making them face many challenges. One of the biggest challenges faced by today’s sales professionals is being able to access comprehensive and up-to-date information...

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Remote Working After COVID-19: Will It Continue?

As we all know, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented and indelible impact on the way many of us live, and on the customs and processes that underpin countries worldwide. One area that has seen some of the highest levels of disruption is the...

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5 Common Small Business Problems and Solutions

In their formative years, small businesses come face-to-face with many different challenges and hurdles. Some of these are harder than others to overcome and they contribute to quite a grim statistic---80% of small businesses go under by the end of their fifth year....

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How to Make the Most of Your Remote Meetings

There are fewer things in the workplace that are worse than meetings that are poorly planned, seem unnecessary, and sap your time, time which could be better spent on getting your work done. Most of us have felt this pain and if you can relate, you are not alone....

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Delivering More for Less With Our New Plans

Whether it is through competitive pricing or features that you won’t find with any other org chart tool, at Organimi we are dedicated to providing value to our customers. Today, we are pleased to announce our brand-new plans and pricing structure that was recently...

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The Best Org Chart Software On The Market

Although the basic premise of org chart software---the building of charts that let you document the reporting hierarchy within your company---may be largely the same between different providers, the similarities stop there.  No two org chart providers and the software...

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Make the Most of Organimi With Personalized Onboarding

What’s better than easy to use, highly flexible org chart software that comes at an affordable price? Highly flexible and affordable org chart software that comes with complimentary personalized onboarding—that’s what! Personalized Onboarding by an Organimi Expert At...

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