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Recruitment Trends in 2024: What’s on the Horizon?

How much will AI affect the talent market? Is leadership empathy the key to retention? Is hybrid working still relevant? As we rapidly approach the year 2024, key questions are arising as the recruitment industry is poised to witness a transformation driven by...

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Surviving Downsizing & Thriving During Turbulent Times

Downsizing is something that no leader ever wants to face, but it’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence in the business world. While the current global employment market is relatively strong, with low unemployment rates and high job growth in developed...

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How to Create an Effective HR Planning Strategy

The Human Resources (HR) function has played a pivotal role in shaping organizational success for decades. Today, however, its role is more important than it ever has been, as businesses worldwide are finding it more difficult than ever before to attract and retain...

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5 Best Practices for Crafting a Powerful People Strategy

Any organization’s most valuable asset is its people. Leaders know this. That’s why building a people strategy has become an operational priority for businesses that seek sustainable growth, innovation, and long-term success. Whether you're a nimble startup aiming to...

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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Team Meetings | Organimi

We don’t need to tell you that meetings are part and parcel of running an organization. They’re a necessary evil for many reasons, and whether they’re team check-ins or department updates, it’s hard to get people excited for routine meetings that are held every week...

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What Is Bare Minimum Monday?

Bare Minimum Monday is an emerging phenomenon where employees do the bare minimum amount of work on Mondays, the first day of the work week. What started as a viral TikTok trend has slowly crept into many workplaces, posing potential risks to productivity...

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