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Organimi v5.0: From Static to Interactive Org Charts

The last few months have been busy ones at Organimi. We’re now well advanced in the product development cycle for Organimi Version 5, our next release for creating and sharing organizational charts online. Here's what we have been up to and what we have in store for...

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Employee Wellness Series by Mala: The Importance of Community

It is tough to practice Self-Care in our culture. Two phrases I hear on a regular basis are, ‘not enough time’ and ‘not enough money.’ Slowing down and paying attention to the quality of our moment to moment experiences can be scary and overwhelming.   Spending money...

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How Automated SMS Will Give Your HR Department an Edge

As your HR department works to find new ways to recruit new employees, automated SMS can revolutionize this process. Through the use of SMS text messaging, it becomes easier to offer jobs, communicate with potential candidates, and ensure proper onboarding of any new...

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