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New Feature Spotlight: Manual Pagination

Introducing Our Manual Pagination Feature At Organimi, we are always experimenting with new features that we think you will love. One feature that has been requested time and time again by our users is manual organizational chart pagination, and we are excited to...

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The Great Resignation: Why Employee Experience Matters

The Great Resignation: Why Employee Experience Matters Millions of employees have already left their jobs in an unprecedented event that is widely referred to as the “Great Resignation” as they re-evaluate their work. There are many theories as to why this has...

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Why Employee Onboarding Matters [& 3 Practical Tips]

Fresh clothing, shiny shoes, new faces, some excited and chatty, others apprehensive and shying away. No matter how many times you go through the motions of onboarding a cohort of new hires, you’ll always be meeting new kinds of people. No matter who they are,...

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Diversity of Thought in the Workplace: What, Why & How

Diversity of Thought in the Workplace They say that great minds think alike, but is this necessarily true? Humans are, after all, unique and distinct from each other. With many organizations now pushing for more workplace diversity---including anything from gender and...

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4 Personality Types Leaders Need to Know About

We’ve all got to deal with other people. It’s a fact of life… that is unless you plan on squirreling yourself away in a hovel. Workplaces are full of a diverse selection of individuals with different character traits, backgrounds, and personalities. While we’ve all...

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Hybrid Working is Here to Stay: Here Are 5 Benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the global labor market throughout 2020, and some of this disruption continues to this day. The unprecedented short-term consequences were sudden and shocking: Millions of people worldwide found themselves either furloughed or rapidly...

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A Closer Look at Organimi Chart Themes

While it is true that organizational charts are designed to be functional tools, this doesn’t mean that they need to be bland and boring. This might have been excusable back in the day when org charts were drawn by hand or put together in Word documents, but this...

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