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How LinkedIn Has Changed The Recruiting Industry

LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and shortly thereafter dubbed themselves as “The World’s Largest Professional Network.” Of course, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition out there in terms of online professional networks, so it wasn’t really too difficult for LinkedIn...

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How Does a Strong Economy Effect Freelancing?

Despite recent fluctuations in the stock market, the world economy hasn’t been this strong since prior to the 2008 financial crash. In that time, a lot has changed about the way that people work and get paid. The freelance economy have become important parts of the...

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5 Organimi Features That Boost HR Productivity

Want to boost HR productivity within your team? If you work in human resources, you probably know how important it is to find tools that help you to do your job efficiently. Often, those that work in the HR department have a lot on their plates. They are expected to...

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