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5 Organimi Features to Help Improve HR Team Productivity

HR management often requires a bit of a balancing act. You have to balance the attention that you pay to your team, the company at large, current cases, and your own workload. Many HR managers spend a sizable portion of their day sending information to others or...

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Organimi V5 Beta is Here!

After many months of gathering and reviewing user feedback, coming up with a list of “must have” features, and some tough work from our dev team, we are finally (and proudly) ready to announce that Organimi Version 5 Beta is here! We hope you find it worth the wait,...

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6 Reasons for Charting External Companies in Sales

In sales, your most important asset is your business intelligence. Whether working with a customer or prospect, your ability to understand the pain points of their company’s operation and position your product as the solution is imperative. Despite the fact that the...

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