Frequently Asked Questions

Is Organimi free?

Organimi is currently free for companies with up to 50 people with limited features. We strongly encourage you to signup for a free account and try it out before subscribing to a paid plan.

What features are included in the free plan?

The Organimi Free Plan allows for one org chart with up to 50 members. You can add members and roles to your chart and/or import a list of names in a spreadsheet with ID and Boss ID columns and have your org chart auto-create. You can also import photo images of members and have them appear in your chart, view photoboards and member directory, and share your org chart via email. Check our Organimi Getting Started page for more info.

Which browsers work with Organimi?

Organimi works with most browsers, including Internet Explorer 11+, FireFox Safari, and Chrome. If you are having trouble with a specific browser, please contact us

Do you offer monthly plans?

Yes we offer a one-time use plan for $80 with no renewals. For details on plans, pricing and features you can visit our pricing page for details.

Can I change the fonts or font sizes in Organimi?

Yes you can change sizes and format with any of our paid plans.

Can I print my charts?

Yep! If you have a paid account – You can export your charts into a PDF or PNG Format and print them. For larger charts, printing them on a single sheet of paper would cause them to shrink to fit a single page. We recommend either exporting and printing the charts by sections or multiple charts and then printing each one separately. Printing one big chart as a single page will make the chart small and squeezed, much like printing a large excel sheet into a single piece of paper. Alternatively for larger charts we also recommend “poster print” in most PDF software like Adobe Acrobat which auto-paginates the charts so you don’t have to squeeze on big chart into a small page. Read more here

How can I import my organization to Organimi?

You can import a CSV file with names, hierachy, titles and other information into Organimi via import. It’s a great way to get started quickly. You can check our get started guide here 

How can I integrate Organimi with my HR software or SSO Application?

You can integrate any application that contains people and organization data (e.g. HRIS and HR systems, Microsoft Outlook, Google Business Apps, Salesforce, etc) with Organimi via our API. Please contact us for more information.

How can I show dotted line relationships in my Organizational Chart?

When you are adding a role, you can select dotted line reporting to another role at the time.You can view the help guide here 

Can I share my org chart with other people?

Yes. There are various ways to share your org chart with other people. You can either add people’s email and share the chart via email. You can select if they can either view or edit. Please note that anyone you share the chart with via email will need to create an account to access the chart.

You may also share the chart via a URL. By default the chart URL link is only private to the emails you share it with. However you may also set it to “public” which means anyone who you share the link would be able to view the chart and click on the profiles for more details but not be able to edit it.

Lastly, you can embed your org chart into your company or organization’s intranet so everyone has access to your organizational chart at all times. 

I want to add additional information like salary, date or vacation time to the chart. How can I do that.

You can create custom fields in Organimi to add any custom information. Click here to view how. 

Is my data secure?

We don’t share, use or otherwise expose your data in any way. We use Amazon Web Services and Heroku for application deployment and as servers. You can read more about AWS Security here and Heroku security features here .