Org charts for every industry.

Organimi’s org chart software provides solutions across all industries like HR, Consulting, Sales, Account Management, Organizational Design and more. 

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HR and


Sales and
account planning

Human Resources & Operations

Keeping everyone in the loop.

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Always connected.

Keep employees updated on new hires, help them identify the right person to connect with, eliminate unnecessary back and forth communication, and more!

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Use as an on-boarding tool.

Organimi org charts come with an automatically generated photo board and directory. New employees can put a face to the name and have every employees contact information at their fingertips.

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Updates in 3..2..1

Updating your chart frequently doesn’t have to be a pain. Simply export your org chart to Excel, make your desired changes and reimport the file. Watch your changes come to life without any manual intervention! 

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Make your chart your own.

Use the custom colour palette to change the colour of your role boxes, chart connectors, font, pictures, and more so your chart completely aligns with your brand identity.

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Integrate with your HRMS system.

Any HR system that provides a CSV output integrates with Organimi. It’s as easy as that! 

When I compared Organimi to other solutions, the competitors had a few of the features, but Organimi had everything. 

Cassidy Flynn

Executive Assistant to the CEO and President, Cyara

Organizational Design

Increase productivity & efficiencies.

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Visualize: e v e r y t h i n g.

Map out organizational structures to visualize your future and current structure. Use our intuitive drag and drop interface to easily move roles and members to different parts of your org chart and take in all the possibilities. 

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Who’s who in the zoo?

In order to be productive, your organization must have clear knowledge regarding who is in charge of what. Organimi helps you streamline your workflow and organizational processes. 

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Don’t wait for a catastrophe. Plan now.

Plan before a crisis hits. Let Organimi help you with scenario planning and succession planning. Organizations that implement  restructuring before a crisis are much more likely to be successful. 

With the charts we produce using Organimi, our employees have a better understanding of their accountabilities and how our whole structure works.

Nick Carse

Co-Founder, King of Pops

Sales & Account Planning

Supercharge your sales team.

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Make the most of your relationships.

When you sign a new account, you create an opportunity to generate additional revenue through your current relationships. Use Organimi to keep track of your connections, and how they are related to other important contacts.

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Map out your related accounts.

It’s common to have several accounts related to each other. Use Organimi’s embed feature to link one org chart to another and keep tabs on every possible opportunity. Organimi helps keep track of your complex connections, so you don’t have to. 

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Impress your boss.

Export your beautifully designed and branded org chart directly to Powerpoint, PDF, or PNG to share in a meeting or presentation. 

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The best path to growth.

Use Organimi’s dotted line functionality to outline the best strategy to close a deal. How will you get from point A to point B?

Organimi has helped make our one-on-one sessions with sales reps more efficient, and a lot more strategic. 

Trevor Pyle

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Quantum Metric

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