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Organimi 7.0: Reimagined, Redesigned, Revamped

When we first announced our plans for developing Organimi 7.0 in January 2020, we weren’t exactly thinking about “new beginnings.” But, as we look back now, it certainly turned out that way.There is an old saying about a crisis being a time of danger and opportunity -...

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How to Help Your Remote Team Beat WFH Burnout

The coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread disruption and fundamental changes in the way we work---and these are still ongoing over one year later. If like us you have long since been relegated to your home office, you might be feeling exhausted and...

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The Disadvantages of a Corporate Hierarchy

Although the traditional corporate hierarchy may have had its place at the head of the table for several decades as the go-to organizational structure, it doesn’t work for every business. Business leaders are now more tuned in than ever before to the crucial role that...

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Why Succession Planning is Important [with Tips]

What is Succession Planning? As business leaders contemplate the changing nature of work and what the post-pandemic future might hold, succession planning is at the top of the agenda. Succession planning is the process of identifying future leaders within your...

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5 Tips for Managing a Reorganization

Tips for Effective Reorganization Management A reorganization (or restructure) is any process where an organization makes significant changes to its financial or operational structure so that it’s better positioned to meet its goals. With time, a reorg is something...

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