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Comparing Organimi With Our Competitors

Although the basic premise of org chart software---the building of charts that let you document the reporting hierarchy within your company---may be largely the same between different providers, the similarities stop there.  No two org chart providers and the software...

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Make the Most of Organimi With Personalized Onboarding

What’s better than easy to use, highly flexible org chart software that comes at an affordable price? Highly flexible and affordable org chart software that comes with complimentary personalized onboarding—that’s what! Personalized Onboarding by an Organimi Expert At...

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How Org Charts Can Help You Manage Remote Teams

As the working week got underway, employees throughout the world were getting ready to work remotely, many for the first time. The rise of COVID-19 coronavirus has prompted many employers to ask or compel some or all of their employees to work from home. And it’s not...

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5 Org Chart Styles That We Love

In the world of organizational structures, your options are many, and choosing the best one for your company is a lot like picking out a new car. Although you are looking for something that can get you from A to B---all cars can do that---there are a bunch of...

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Why Should I Use a Matrix Org Chart?

Project managers have a lot on their plates. They must juggle a variety of responsibilities, programs, processes, and people. With so many elements and variables all having their own impact on the trajectories of each project they manage, it can be very difficult for...

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Organimi’s New Feature: The Matrix Chart

At Organimi, we are committed to providing our users with a seamless and easy-to-use org chart solution that caters to every type of company. That is why we have been working hard to bring to our customers a brand-new feature: the matrix chart. What is a Matrix Org...

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Pros and Cons of the Matrix Org Structure

We’re all familiar with the hierarchical business model and traditional org charts, but what about matrix org charts and the wider matrix organization structure? This model is used when there are multiple cross-functional, cross-business groups within a company....

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5 Simple Ways to Streamline Internal Communications

Seamless and effective internal communications enable businesses to fully utilize the unique knowledge and insights of their talented employees. Often, the benefits of this stretch beyond making more money, too. When it is easier to communicate internally, open...

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5 Essential Tools for Onboarding New Hires

The Essential Tools for Onboarding New Employees Starting a job can be very intimidating for new hires. There are lots of people they have never met before, there is a new company culture to get to grips with, and there is a whole load of internal knowledge that has...

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