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Organimi works to make your life easier. 
Learn how Organimi can help you with your organizational goals.

Why Organimi is the best org chart software!
Learn how Organimi can help boost productivity and efficiency across your organization.

Work in sales?
Watch how sales and account managers can use Organimi by integrating with Salesforce!

Are you an Executive Assistant?
Watch how to make your busy life easier with Organimi’s customizable org chart templates.

Work in HR?
Watch how HR managers use Organimi to stay on top of everything.

Work in tech?
Learn how IT managers can use Organimi! 

Work in consulting?
See how HR Consultants use Organimi for organziational planning.

Welcome to Organimi U!

Graduate with honours
Here’s everything you need to know to be a pro in Organimi.

How to import from a CSV file
Learn the various ways to import People and Roles to the Talent Pool and Charts in Organimi.

How to Add People into your Talent Pool
Learn how to add people quickly into your Talent Pool in Organimi!

How to Create a CSV File Import
Learn how to create a CSV File for import in Organimi.

How to Clean Up your Talent Pool
Learn how to use the cleanup tool to remove people from your Talent Pool.

How to Create a Legend
Learn how to create a legend. Customize legends by adding badges and colours.

How to Print your Org Chart
Learn how to print org charts, directories and photo boards in Organimi.

How to Assign User Permissions
Learn how to add viewer, editor, and admin rights to your org chart.

How to Add Dotted Line Reporting
Learn how to add dotted line / indirect reporting in org charts.

Manual Pagination Printing
Learn how to manually customize how you want your chart to appear when printed.

How to Share your Chart Privately
Learn how to privately share your chart.

How to View Account Billing Information
Learn how to view and update your account billing information.

Filter Your Chart by Search
Learn how to search for a specific name, role title, department, or custom field.

How to Stack Role Cards
Learn how to stack role cards in your chart from the themes panel, dashboard, and role.

How to Share your Chart Publicly
Learn how to share your chart with a public link.

V7.1 Themes Update
Learn how to retrieve your custom fields and theme settings.