The org chart to a business is akin as the skeleton is to the body – the frame holding everything together! If an org chart is out of date, it is useless to the organization. This is especially true if the organization is moving in a new strategic direction that requires changes in personnel, roles or structure. Anyone in Human Resources already knows that being able to understand the structure of the company helps everyone both internally and externally get insight into how the organization operates.


Out of date, stale org charts are not just untidy messes. To optimally perform teams need effective supporting structures in place, with clear delineation of roles and responsibilities. An out of date structure is a threat to the performance of the organization and can poison the culture. Organizational design influences the growth trajectory, as well the org structure facilitates the execution of the firm’s strategy. The org chart needs to be aligned with the most current org structure. That is, functions are defined before the people in it are mapped out.


Is Your Current Organizational Structure Working? Past Precedents vs Core Functions

Are there mistakes that are occurring more often than they should? Are new hires failing in what is now seeming to be a pattern? Do the employees know the direction the company is heading in? A change in strategy means it is time to review the current org to see if it still makes sense. Short term vs long term considerations need to be made as the old way of doing things may no longer fits the needs of today. Avoid the trap of past precedents and perceived entitlements based on titles so everyone has a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities based on the firm’s required functions today.


Accountability Starts Here: Decisions, Power and Authority

In the most basic sense, the org chart defines roles and responsibilities of the team members based on the company’ required functions. Who reports to who, the chain of command and where to turn if you are unsure of who is accountable for a specific function. The structure needs to be adaptive to evolving initiatives that will impact operational functions and the behaviours of personnel. Autonomy vs control or the freedom to create results while avoiding inertia etc. needs to be defined for the different functions of an organization.


Identify the Core Functions that Support the Current Strategy and Start Mapping

Without looking at people or job titles, what function needs to have authority? Who is accountable for what and how will each function will be measured? Restructuring is almost always necessary when an organization is changing strategies or entering a new life cycle. Break from the past and view the organizational structure needed with fresh eyes. How will you introduce new staff into the organization?

Hint: Try Dragging and Dropping Roles inside Organimi to alter your proposed design changes and save as many variations as you want!


Updating, Maintaining and Sharing the Org Chart Doesn’t Need to be Painful, or Boring

Maintaining a current and transparent org chart that is simple to use and easy to update is easily achieved through simple plug and play tools like Organimi. Whether you need to share the new org chart with senior leaders or internally with the entire organization, Orgamini gives you the tools to simplify the process and always keep the org chart current, by making needed changes in minutes without engaging IT time or resources.

Whether you use Sharepoint or another web based internal drive, sharing your org chart has never been easier than with tools like Organimi. Organimi’s cloud based editing and sharing tools mean you can update and share org charts from anywhere to any one at any time.


Sharing Your Org Chart

Embedding Your Org Chart onto a Webpage


Supporting Senior Management with a Few Clicks

Whether you are the CEO of an emerging business planning growth or the board of directors of a Fortune 500 company, senior leaders are always anticipating the changes needed to adapt their organizations to the unknowns of the future. Sticking to the old way of doing things with a dated org structure leaves an organization vulnerable to threats. Orgamini is a resource for the board and other senior strategists to visually plan out their functions and personnel required in a variety of instances including: human resources planning, talent development and personal growth, succession planning, restructuring and business mergers and integrations.


Sharing Your Org Chart and Editing Privileges with a Colleague

Exporting Your Org Chart to a PDF

Printing the Full or Partial Charts on Different Pages


Adapting for the Modern Workforce and Planning for the Future

Your org chart is not likely to go viral; but your team is certainly likely to become virtual. Whether your company allows employees to work from home or you have started incorporating temp/contracting into your operations, your org structure needs to be responsive to the future demands of the workforce that in a lot of cases is no longer traditional in nature. Small and agile firms pose a threat to organizations that are slow to react to opportunities or market changes. The David vs Goliath conundrum is a true reality that all businesses are starting to face today. Make everyone on your virtual team feel like they are truly part of the team. Plan for future design structure demands before they arrive.


In Closing, Human Resources Needs to Maintain a Properly Designed Structure

A properly designed organizational structure will decrease the resistance to necessary changes and accelerate the execution of new strategic directions, while positively influencing of behaviours of the firm’s human capital investments.

Organimi can keep your org chart up-to-date in minutes, view our demo video and try us out for free.