organimi summer release

Even though we’re all pretty bummed about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck breaking up, here at Organimi we haven’t let that keep us from building on your feedback.

As a startup we’re pretty nimble and agile to react to your feedback so we wanted to let you know about our latest Organimi Summer Release:

What’s new?

  • Our most requested feature: Directories are now live. With Organimi Directories you can:
    • Search
    • Sort
    • Share
    • Edit
    • Export
  • Print to PDF and PNG Improvements: 
    • – including ability to download selective ranges of employee levels (subcharts
    •  5 levels of chart widths
    • Added compact PDF/PNG Display
  • New Admin panel:
    • Control Access.
    • Sharing
    • Permissions.

It looks pretty great if we say so ourselves.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Chart Layout:
    • Balance and compact chart enhancements
  • View Options stay after leaving chart page
  • Photoboards improved for simplicity, and always up to date based on departments, charts and organizations. 
  • Bug fixes, large performance improvement

What’s coming next?

There are only so many days only has so many hours and we wanted to put this up first before deep diving into other things we had on our plate.

  • iFrame Sharing
    • This is the next top item on the list after the printing and directories. Sharing your Organimi Org Charts should be seamless within your organization.
  • Custom Data Fields:
    •  Display improvements for visualizing different data
    • Privacy control over specific custom fields
    • Saving certain chart variants with selective fields on / off (jump between salary chart and task management chart).
    •  And much more!
  • Sticky Collapsed Chart:
    • Set the chart to be collapsed? It’ll keep collapsed even if you leave the screen.
  •  Bulk sharing via Email
    • Share the charts to your hearts content.
    • We’ll take care of the security and make sure your charts stay secure.
  • No Organimi logo’s on the exports.
    • Thanks for everyone who gave us the feedback, since it’s a paid plan we don’t want to be hogging the space to be advertising ourselves.

We’re really excited to hear your feedback and thoughts on the Organimi Summer release. Let us know what you’ would like to add to the list or if you have any comments or feedback by leaving a comment below or we can always be reached on