In a school, there are a lot of moving pieces. Using an elementary school as an example, each grade level could have as many as five different teachers in larger schools, along with a host of support staff including administrators, recess teachers, cafeteria workers, janitorial staff, and office staff.

When you work within a school, there can be dozens of different projects going on at any one time. Teachers are expected to not just wear the teaching hat, but to have a hand in several projects and help with the operation of the school as a whole. With so many people working in your average school, it can be pretty confusing to figure out who you need to contact about what project or issue.

For this reason, a school org chart is a must-have for any schools or districts that don’t currently have a similar document available to their staff. An org chart will work at all levels of the school system, including districts, schools, and even departments. It provides clear information about who you need to contact for each issue and makes it easy for parents to figure out who they need to communicate with about their child’s education.

There are many benefits that org charts can bring to school and educational institutions. Some are obvious, and some not so much. Let’s take a look at how an org chart can help your school to improve communication and give teachers and parents the resources that they need to facilitate better outcomes for students.

Chart Districts, Schools, Grades, & Departments

Organimi’s school org charts are perfect for every school and institution. Because our system allows you to collaborate on an org chart and consistently update it as new teachers and staff members are hired, our org chart software makes it easy for schools to ensure that their org charts are accurate and consistently updated. Additionally, our system allows you to share your org chart through multiple channels to make sure you disseminate it fully. 

Organimi is perfect for all types of schools including high schools, junior highs, elementary schools, and secondary education schools. Organimi’s org charts can be expanded to or limited to serve as a chart for the whole school, or for individual departments and grades within a school. For instance, a school may want to create an org chart for a specific grade level as they post the student’s schedules for the upcoming year, providing parents with information about who to contact if they have questions. Once you import all of your staff info into Organimi, the system makes it easy to create complementary charts. 

Improve Communication and Collaboration

school org charts

In every school, there is an ending number of projects, activities, and events to plan. Most schools don’t have a single person that is in charge of running these projects, so they are typically divided up among the teachers and support staff that want to take them on.

This makes communication and collaboration critical to the success of any school. Having an understanding of who you need to contact about which project, along with an understanding of who holds what position within the school. Org charts are a necessary tool for improving communication and collaboration within a school because they give every employee the information they need to play a bigger role within the school.

Give Parents Resources They Need to Be Involved

For parents, interacting with their child’s school can be difficult at times. Yes, everyone knows that calling the office and asking a few questions is a viable way to get into contact with the person that you need to talk to. But an org chart is a valuable resource for parents too. It will allow them to avoid clogging up the phone lines in the office by contacting teachers directly.

Schools that are able to get parents involved always have better educational outcomes than schools where parents have very little involvement. It should always be the goal of any school to ensure that parents can interact with teachers and staff about whatever issues they need to, without having to go through the office staff who are not capable of knowing the inner-workings of every department and project.

By making a school org chart publicly available to parents, you increase the chances that they will interact directly with teachers. This can only result in positive outcomes for students!

Spot Inefficiencies and Workload Issues

If you ever worked on a group project in high school, you know how lopsided these types of projects can be. In a school where there can be several staff members working on dozens of different projects that are ongoing at any given time, it can be easy for the balance of work to shift sharply toward a single person. By creating a school projects org chart, you can help to see the distribution of duties among teachers throughout the school, and spot where one person may be taking on too much work compared to their peers. Try to find interesting and innovative ways to use our software for communication and project management, and you’ll find that your staff is happy that you did.

Easy Updating a Necessity

The teachers and staff that make up a school can radically change from year to year as people pursue new opportunities and jobs. It is critically important that you are able to not only put an org chart together but to easily update the org chart to ensure that it remains active.

In Organimi, you can share the editing duties with anyone that you grant org chart access to. This means that not a single person shares the duty of keeping the org chart active. Additionally, you can update and publish a revised version of your school org chart in just a few clicks by using Organimi. Teachers that have moved on to new schools can instantly be swapped out for their replacements, ensuring that your staff and parents always have an updated version of your org chart that they can reference.

Org Charts are a Necessary Tool for Schools

Schools are big, bustling havens with dozens of projects going on at any one time. It is critically important that you are able to give your staff and parents the right resources to stay connected at all times. Remember, the end goal is the best possible result for the students. A school org chart will not only make your school run more efficiently, but it will encourage parents to stay consistently connected with their teachers.

If you would like to create an org chart for your school or educational institution, trying signing up for Organimi today. You can have a basic org chart published and ready to share in less than 20 minutes!