What’s so awesome about org charts?

If you’ve ever spent time sifting through piles of out-of-date Visio org charts; mistaken John for Jack in an afternoon meeting; or faced an endless list of email updates after an organization change, read on.

What is Organimi?

We’re Organimi (pronounced “or-ga-knee-me”). We don’t spend our days folding paper into swans and boats, and we’re not in the business of organ repair (yep someone actually asked us this question).  We’re in the business of building simply awesome org charts for modern businesses that care deeply about their people.

Our name stems from organograms, another name for an org chart. Although we’ve all been assigned to nodes in these structural diagrams before, it’s mind-blowing that the methods for crafting these diagrams remain virtually identical to their initial form from 150 years ago. Well at least we’re not still dabbing the page with a quill and ink …

At Organimi, we passionately believe there is a better, simpler way for companies to understand and manage today’s dynamic, mobile, virtual, growing, shrinking (you choose the right adjective) organization.

Organimi’s simply awesome org charts allow you to easily visualize, interact with, and learn about people within your organization. We do this better than anyone else by helping organizations connect, communicate, and collaborate.


Organimi connects people within and across organizations through dynamic org charts that are simple to build and easy to maintain. Don’t know who you’re connected to? Don’t sweat it. Learn about them through their personal profile and put a face to the name in your 3pm meeting.


Once you’re connected it’s easy to communicate. Want to send an email? In Mail? Tweet? Message? You name it; it’s your choice. And simple. But let’s start with welcoming the 21st century and throwing out those out-of-date, messy email lists, shall we?


Now your team’s synched, you know who likes cookies over donuts, and a timely conversation is never more than a click away. Sounds like a pretty great equation for simplifying team management and fostering a collaborative culture, doesn’t it?

Ready for something better?

We thought so. Get a handle on your own team or organization today with a free 14-day trial.

And stay with us, we’ll be using this blog to explore such provocative, mind-blowing topics as:

    • effective people management,
    • developing a motivated workforce,
    • knowing and understanding employees,
    • building collaborative cultures,
    • understanding technological advancements in organizational management, and;
    • anything else that tickles our (or your) fancy in the world of human resources and organizational behaviour. 

Watch this space – it’s going to be simply awesome.