Since we launched version 7.0 last year, we have received a huge amount of feedback and we are thrilled that our customers are enjoying the new Organimi experience.

We are and always have been committed to listening to our customers, and we are always introducing new updates and features that reflect the feedback and suggestions from our community, which is why we are changing our pricing model to reflect the flexibility and agility of the Organimi product.

From now on, our customers will no longer be limited by annual-only subscriptions and limits. Instead, all customers will be able to create unlimited charts, create as many organizations as they want, and access all Organimi’s features such as custom fields for a competitive monthly or annual price.


New Pricing Options

With our new pricing model, we have simplified your options.

Instead of four different plans (Starter – Growth – Pro – Enterprise) there are now two: ‘Basic’ and ‘Premium’.

All new organizations will be able to sign up to Organimi on one of these plans, both of which come inclusive of all the unique and high-quality features that the Organimi product is known for. And we are always releasing new updates, too; this new streamlined approach to our pricing and plans simply means that more of our customers will be able to access exciting new features as they are released. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Our new pricing structure is based on the number of employees in your organization, meaning you can find a plan that best suits your needs while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Oh, and did we mention we still remain the lowest price on the market? Our plans can be paid for either monthly or annually at a market-leading price: The ‘Basic’ plan starts at $10/month when billed annually and the ‘Premium’ plan starts at $20/month when billed annually.


Feeling ready for an upgrade? Click here to view our NEW pricing options


Think that you might need something more?

If you have a larger organization, need to include more people in your charts, or need help integrating Organimi with your existing applications, we’ve got you covered.

Organimi can be scaled to thousands of people, so get in touch and we’ll be happy to help deliver you the best organizational chart solution at a price that won’t be beaten anywhere.


We Want Your Feedback

Organimi is built on customer feedback, and we want to hear what you think about our new pricing model. Good or bad, feel free to drop us an email and we will take your thoughts on board.