The workplace is becoming increasingly disconnected over time. Between employees spread across offices in different time zones, remote teams that could be anywhere in the world, and increases in work-from-home programs, it makes sense that more companies are looking for simple ways to connect their employees with the information that they need. Something as simple as making an intranet org chart available to your teams could be a simple and effective fix to communication problems that arise in the modern workplace. 

Most large corporations of today have an intranet, which provides them with the ability to share information, connect with other people inside the company, and collaborate on a regular basis. However, in order for these things to happen, you have to remove all barriers to entry for your employees. If it is difficult to find information about how to contact a specific person within your company or even identify the right person to connect with, the chances that those steps are taken diminishes. A widely accessible company org chart can be a simple and nuanced solution to this problem, so long as it is updated on a regular basis.

However, many companies do not make their org chart available through the company intranet, which is a big mistake. If your entire goal with the internal intranet is to connect your employees with people and information, an org chart is perhaps the most vital tool in your arsenal for this purpose.

Streamline your HR Processes

HR teams spend a lot of time in their HRIS system, no matter what system it is that you use. They are constantly working through issues, examining policies, and evaluating situations within your workforce.

As time goes on, Human Resources departments in large companies are constantly evolving to meet the new demands of their organization and the workforce at large. The more information that you can arm your team with, the more effective your HR team will be. Offering portals that provide access to your most critical documents, including a company org chart, is critical for HR teams. It is particularly important for teams

Improve Onboarding Procedures

We’ve written at length about the importance of org charts in the process of onboarding new employees. However, giving them a printed version of your org chart might be useful for a few days or weeks, there will be changes within your teams after a few short weeks in a large company.

For this reason, it is important that you are always able to connect new and recent hires with information about your company. An org chart helps them identify who to contact and how to contact them. It saves them a lot of time that would otherwise be spent sending emails back and forth and digging through outdated records trying to find some specific information.

Including your org chart on your company’s intranet is a great way to ensure that new and recent hires always have updated access to an employee directory within your organization. It’s not just useful to them, either. An org chart on your company intranet provides benefits to employees at all levels of your organization.

Pinpoint Experts and Internal Resources

intranet org chart

In your average modern organization, your workforce might be spread between several offices, remote locations, or through several buildings on your campus. It can be difficult to find the right person to perform a specific task.

By connecting your internal teams to an intranet org chart, you make identifying and contacting the experts with your company much more simple. When you hire someone with a wealth of experience in a subject, you want to make that experience available to your company whenever the need arises. Otherwise, you are paying for a skillset that you are not getting full use out of.

By reducing the barriers to identifying and communicating with experts within your organization, you improve performance and productivity. Instant access to org chart visualizations of your structure makes it easy to identify who is the best fit for any task.

Smooth Mergers

Going through a merger or acquisition can be a difficult time for any company. But in today’s business landscape, mergers and acquisitions are quite common among larger corporations. There are often unforeseen changes and bottlenecks that occur during the process of bringing on a new team from a recent merger or acquisition.

The one area that you have to make sure runs smoothly during a merger is communication. As long as your new team can communicate effectively with their new peers, individual issues are more likely to work themselves out without having to be pushed up the chain of command.

Making an intranet org chart available to everyone in your company makes it easy for new colleagues to communicate with each other. The quicker that your new team can settle into their role and get to work, the more productive your company will be. Org charts are a simple tool for making mergers and acquisitions run smoothly.

Connect In-Office Employees with Remote Teams

We recently wrote about the increasing popularity of remote work, particularly in the tech industry. Often, remote teams feel completely disconnected from their in-office, traditionally employed counterparts. A big barrier between the two teams is often communication. Reasons to reach out may not come up often, which only contributes to their isolation. When a reason to reach out does arise, it is often done through a manager to middleman the exchange.

Ideally, you want your in-office teams and remote teams to work effectively together for maximum productivity. Making an org chart available through your company intranet is a simple way to connect teams that often are isolated from one another.

Intranet Org Chart — Connect to Communicate

One common trait that you see among the most successful companies in the world is that they communicate well. They not only give their teams a reason to work with each other, but they provide the information that makes it possible for them to do so. If you want HR teams that work more effectively, teams that communicate more readily, and improve the flow of information within your company — you’d be hard-pressed to find a more effective and simple solution than an intranet org chart.