Have you  been reading about all of the angel and VC money being invested into early stage technology companies and wished that you could get into these kind of opportunities earlier, without a big investment?

At Organimi, we think this makes sense, and so we are offering people like you a chance to do just that – using the new crowd funding options that have come into force for companies this year.

We announced last year when we released Organimi 4 that we would be making 7% of Organimi’s equity available directly to 1,000 interested Organimi supporters online who wanted to own a piece of what we think is a great tech startup opportunity.

We have a committed team, a growing base of thousands of customers around the world, a great product, and – we think – a big market opportunity with lots of potential to come.  Our product roadmap already goes out a few years.  There is lots to do!

We’re also fortunate because we’re situated smack dab in the middle of the innovation economy.  North American governments and securities regulators have relaxed the rules on investing so that investors of all shapes and sizes can, if you wish, invest directly into companies like Organimi.  Investing in early stage startups – a game that until now has been reserved for big institutions, venture funds, and rich-getting-richer “high net worth” accredited investors – is now available to all.

So, why should you care?

If you live anywhere in the US, or anywhere else in the world with friends in the States for that matter, you likely had a lottery ticket for the January Powerball draw… or at least a share in one.

The prize mushroomed to almost $1.6 bllion greenbacks, turning the 7/11 clerk in Chino Hills, California who sold one of the three winning tickets (the other two were sold in Florida and Tennessee) into a minor celebrity.

Even for the statisticians, when you are staring at a prize this size, human nature kicks in.  The infinitessimally small possibility of winning has to be offset by the 100% odds of losing if you don’t make that $2 investment to turn the zero certainty into the one in a gabillion chance of a payoff.

The result?  Over $2.6 billion spent by people pursuing the dream, and a tidy profit for the tax man..from the winners and the losers alike!

The lessons from January’s PowerBall draw?  The odds of winning are extremely low, but the few buyers who shared those tickets won….big.  And now the urban legends and Internet rumours of disaster befalling winners can begin.

If you are the kind of person who likes to play the lottery, the Organimi 7% Offer is just the thing for you.

And even if you think lotteries are a tax on idiots, you may be interested in what Organimi has on offer.

Either way, at Organimi we’re trying to do things differently.

We’re taking advantage of these rule changes to crowd fund our own fundraising efforts.  If you decide to join our community, the cash you contribute will go directly into the company and we will use it to pursue our growth plan for 2016-2017, providing regular updates, as we are already doing with our existing investors.  Our growth plan for 2016 is all about marketing and product development.  No dollars will be wasted.  We run lean.

So, if you are interested in doing a seed investment into an interesting B2B play helping organizations worldwide create and share the online organizational designs they need to be successful, Organimi may be the thing for you.

The price per piece: $699

The pieces: 1000 pieces totalling 7% of the equity of Organimi today, or – if you do the math – 0.0070% of the company capital today per piece.  So buy one slice, a few, or as many slices as you want, if you have the appetite.

The raise: $699,000 is the maximum amount we will raise through this process, from no more than 1,000 investors.

The perk:  You get an annual subscription to use Organimi – valued at $699 – with your investment.  So you can be an investor and a user.  Or you can be an investor and give the subscription to someone else who will become a user and spread the word… helping us grow the community and helping yourself to grow the value of your investment.

The catch:  No catch.  Contact us at investors@organimi.com.  We’ll fill you in.  And yes, in addition to your $699 payment there will be some paperwork you’ll need to sign.

The upside:  Who knows?  Are we another Google or Facebook?  Not likely…no one will be.  Those ships have sailed.  But can we grow bigger?  Can we generate a return for our investors.  We certainly think so.  And we have lots of incentive to think that way.  How much bigger?  As big as we can get!

The downside:  We may fail.  We may go to zero. Most tech startups (probably 900 out of 1000 or more) do.  Or we may go from zero to one.  If you are a betting person, betting on Organimi tapping a PowerLaw beats your odds at winning a PowerBall jackpot.  And may be a lot more fun too.

And when you look at the market caps of companies like Facebook ($300B), Microsoft ($400B), Google ($500B) you see that a even a very small piece of a successful technology company can create a lot of value.

You need to do your own due diligence and decide what risks you are comfortable with.  Mostly you need to assume your investment goes to zero on day 1… and then see what happens.

How do you play and pay?  Not at 7/11 in China Hills unfortunately.  Online with Organimi.

Join our community, as a user and investor.

Need more information?  Contact us at investors@organimi.com.

Feel free to share this offer with your family and friends.  We would love to have them participate too!

As always, thanks for reading… and may good luck follow you, in everything you do!