Org Charts Made Simple With G Suite and Organimi

Is your company one of the millions upon millions worldwide using G Suite? With the facilitation of cloud sharing, synchronization of files across connected devices, and real-time collaborative connection of worldwide teams, it is no wonder that it is one of the greatest and most useful assets for modern corporations.

And, thanks to Organimi, it just got a whole lot more useful—let’s take a look at how Organimi’s G Suite integration can be used to sync your data and build organizational charts instantaneously.

G Suite x Organimi for Effortless Org Charts

With our G Suite integration, you can create, update, and share your org charts in a matter of minutes. With as little as a single click, Organimi does all the work for you, allowing you to sync data from G Suite with Organimi and have your organizational charts built automatically, ready to be shared with people who need them.

How the G Suite-Organimi Integration Works

After connecting Organimi with your G Suite admin account, we import the G Suite roster from your domain to gather all the information needed to build your org charts.

Information that Organimi collects and imports includes your organization members’ names, titles departments, pictures, and email addresses stored in G Suite. Once this information has been imported, Organimi will create a bunch of organizational charts automatically that you can then pick and choose from or edit further where necessary using Organimi’s intuitive chart building infrastructure with drag-and-drop functionality.

Any and all changes made in G Suite will automatically sync with Organimi, eliminating the need to change two sets of data each time.

Integrating Organimi With G Suite

The process couldn’t be simpler—we have made it as easy as possible.

  1. From your organization’s Organimi dashboard, click the ‘Integrations’ tab and then select ‘G Suite’ from the screen that appears.
  2. Google’s sign-in screen will then appear. Click ‘Allow’ to provide Organimi with access to your account*.
  3. Check the ‘Import member photos (if available)’ and ‘Automatically build chart’ Then, click ‘Next’
  4. Read the on-screen instructions before clicking ‘Finish’ to complete the G Suite integration process.

*If you use multiple Google accounts, ensure that the correct one is displaying on the Google sign-in screen so that you provide Organimi with access to the correct one—you don’t want to be making organizational charts with your friends and family appearing in them!

Organimi will now use any data it finds to create your org charts templates in real-time. You can find these under ‘Org Charts’ and use them out of the box or make further amendments. Organimi will sync with G Suite and reflect any updates made in real-time, too.

You can connect more than one G Suite account at a time. This is ideal if you separate your members into different categories (e.g. internal staff and external contractors).

Other Organimi Integrations

Our goal is to be the go-to org chart software solution for a broad range of users, that is why we have worked hard to deploy a wide range of integrations.

Other Organimi integrations include:

Alongside these, you can integrate Organimi with any platform that uses CSV or Excel files and offers data downloads.

Got an Idea?

We are always looking for feedback from our users. If you use a service that you think could be made more powerful through an Organimi integration, let us know!

Be More Efficient with Organimi

Our cloud-based organizational chart building and sharing platform is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. We are the go-to for companies that want to optimize their workflows with more efficient project planning, simplified onboarding, and reference points for employees.

Contact us today to find out more about Organimi and see why we are the industry’s most trusted org chart platform!