One of the biggest pain points for organizations when it comes to project management is balancing workloads; employees working on your projects need to know what their roles and responsibilities are.

Unfortunately, simply assuming that this is the case is not good enough.

More often than not, instructions are misinterpreted, people lose track of exactly what’s going on, and innocent assumptions made by project team members can lead to work not getting done right, on time, or at all.

All this together can throw a massive spanner in the works, disbalance teams, and lead to people working on tasks that they shouldn’t in an attempt to pick up the slack—overall, it causes project inefficiencies.

Enter Organimi: A Project Management Powerhouse

That’s where Organimi comes in—our small but mighty platform allows you to seamlessly create organizational charts that you can use to map out your project, its team members, where they come in on the project, and what their responsibilities are.

Built with teams in mind, the clever Organimi software provides several features that, in the context of project management, aid team productivity through the optimization of internal workflows by providing current and accurate information to your team members in the form of a dynamic organizational chart for your project.

Here’s why Organimi is the perfect partner for almost any project.

Clearly define expectations

There is no room for confusion when each team member’s role and responsibilities are laid out in plain English for all to see on your project’s very own chart. Make sure that every team member knows exactly what they need to do, by when, and who else, if anyone, is involved. No longer shall your projects be stifled by uncertainty and confusion regarding project scope!

See the full picture

Organimi charts provide benefits and insights throughout the entirety of a project—from an initial idea to post-project analysis—that aids planning, evaluates resources, and promotes overall efficiency.

One-click functionality

We know that moving to a new platform and integrating it with your current systems can be a nightmare. That is why, with a single click, you can import your entire organization into Organimi either by using CSV files or through integrations with other apps such as Microsoft’s AzureAD.

Find out more about importing data and one-click integrations. (Link to Azure post.)

User-friendly drag-and-drop interface

The whole point of Organimi is to aid efficiency, and one way it achieves this is through a seamless drag-and-drop interface that allows for the easy modification and updating of projects and their workflows in response to changing requirements. This also eliminates the need for any in-depth training or prior knowledge.

Find out more about building a chart with Organimi.

Designed for sharing

Organimi charts are set as private by default, however, they are designed to be shared. You can do this via email by inviting team members to create an Organimi account. Alternatively, you can embed your chart via a URL or iFrame without requiring team members to make their own accounts (premium Organimi users only).

Find out more about sharing your organizational chart.

Realize the Power of Organizational Charts with Organimi

Revamp your company’s workflows and multiply your efficiency with Organimi’s flexible charting functionality. Build a company hierarchy, make the onboarding process simpler, organize projects, delegate tasks, keep tabs on individual workflows, and monitor project resources through our simple and easy-to-implement software.

Want to see how you can make Organimi work for you? Sign up for a free trial today and begin charting your success.