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Organimi Org Chart Features

Organimi is a free org chart tool that makes it easy to create, share and maintain Organizational Charts. With no software to download, you simply use your browser to sign up for an account, then start building your org charts immediately.

Import your team members

Import an Excel CSV file of your employee list with information on who reports to whom, and your org chart will automatically be created.

Add Custom Fields

Get richer data about the people you work with. Create custom fields to attach to your member roster and display them on your org chart.

Drag and drop your roles

With drag and drop functionality, you can easily move roles around and update the people to keep up with the changes in your organization.

Access Photoboards

Create great photoboards for the team and learn more about who you work with, whether they're in the cubicle next door or across the globe.

Print to PDF or PNG

Export your entire org chart, or specific branches of your chart to either PDF or PNG for use in print, presentations and email.

Share via Email, URL or IFrame

Invite other users via email to edit or view your org charts, and share your org charts via a share link or iframe embed code.

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Customer Testimonials

“Our partners are able to visually see who’s who and what roles they play while allowing us to update new roles and information in just a couple of clicks. Most importantly, partners can easily connect with one another directly.”

Jennifer King

SVP at Social Venture Partners

“Of all of the online org chart tools I tested, Organimi was the best for fit for our needs. Importing our org structure from a CSV with >100 employees was relatively simple. The team at Organimi have been very responsive.”

Ross Veitch

CEO & Co-Founder at Wego

“Organimi takes a task traditionally performed by putting a name in a box to a management tool moving from static, outdated organizations charts to an interactive tool that creates role based organizational charts that staff can use to connect, communicate and collaborate.

David Calder

CAO at Town of Tillsonburg

Who uses Organimi?

Senior Executives

For board presentations, financing rounds, corporate restructuring

HR and Operations Managers

For recruiting, employee onboarding, career planning

Sales Executives and Sales Teams

For account research to map out organization and identify decision maker

Group Leaders

For organizational planning, virtual and remote team management




Not for Profits

Groups and Associations

Organimi is free for up to 50 members.

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