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Great Product!


Easy and Quick Process to make the Org Charts!


What I really like the most is the ability to rapidly create and modify an org chart – almost a ‘rapid prototyping. Great product!


Very easy to use compared to most other tools out there! - Thomas

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Whether you’re part of a team, a leader or a manager in your organization the ability to manage, engage and collaborate is crucially important to your success. At Organimi we are focused on providing you with a simple and effective way to help you map your shifting organizational relationships in a constantly changing world.

When it comes to managing, sharing and collaborating with teams and throughout your organizations the question is “Can you relate?” With Organimi the answer is yes!

Organimi is currently free for Organizations with up to 75 people!

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With Organimi's photoboard, quickly view who they are and what they do.

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Create your roles. Drag and drop people to them. New hires? Need to restructure? No problem. With Organimi, your org charts update instantly.

Interactive Photoboards

You can create great photoboards for the team in seconds and access on any device. Learn more about who you work with, whether they're in the cubicle next door, working from home or across the globe.

Rich User Profiles

People aren't one dimensional - why should your Org Charts be? With profiles get richer data about the people you work with


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Customer Testimonials

Of all of the online org chart tools I tested, Organimi was the best for fit for our needs. Importing our org structure from a CSV with >100 employees was relatively simple. The team at Organimi have been very responsive.

Ross Veitch - CEO & Co-Founder

Organimi takes a task traditionally performed by putting a name in a box to a management tool moving from static, outdated organizations charts to an interactive tool that creates role based organizational charts that staff can use to connect, communicate and collaborate.

David Calder - CAO Town of Tillsonburg

Our partners are able to visually see who’s who and what roles they play while allowing us to update new roles and information in just a couple of clicks. Most importantly, partners can easily connect with one another directly.

Jennifer King – SVP Waterloo

Organimi is the easiest and most sophisticated organizational chart software I’ve ever used. The customer service is outstanding – the Organimi team is attentive and reliable. It is easy to implement and update staff changes and provides another way to engage our workforce by inviting them to ‘claim their space’. Organimi is an important part of our employee and management resource toolkit.

Julie Dopko - Director HR - Communitech

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Organimi is the easiest way to create and share simply awesome Org Charts and Photoboards. Join our community!

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