Searching Through Org Charts Doesn’t Need to be Difficult

If you have ever used org charts before, you may well know how clunky, inefficient, and difficult they can be. And, these problems only grow as your organization does; with more and more people populating your charts, finding the right person can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Organimi’s Search Functionality

Reflecting on the point that Organimi was designed to be a seamless and simplistic tool, we created two very basic but effective ways to search your org charts—revolutionary, right!?

Well, not really—but you would be surprised how many org charts don’t have this very simple and necessary functionality.

After all, what good is an org chart going to be in a large project if your team members can’t find out who is working on a specific element, or what’s the point of an organizational hierarchy chart if your new hire can’t find out who their line managers are, or who is on their team?

Without search functionality, many of the benefits of using org charts are lost.

How to Search Your Org Charts

With Organimi org charts, you have two options—simple search and advanced search. You can also find a specific employee’s position in your org chart with a single click.

Simple Search

Simple search is as it sounds—simple.

To do it, simply open the chart you are wanting to perform your search in and then use the search bar underneath the ‘Organization Roster’ header.

An image showing Organimi's simple search feature.

Search your org charts using first and last names with Organimi simple search.

You can then type in somebody’s name to locate their card and information.

Advanced Search

Simple search is great if you know somebody’s name. If you don’t, though, then it’s not much help. Perhaps you know what the person’s job role is, what department they belong to, or their phone number, though—we’ve all jotted numbers down before without a name and forgotten who they belong to!

This is where our advanced search feature comes in. We have tried to make it as granular as possible by providing a multitude of possible search options.

To use the advanced search feature, click the drop-down arrow to the right-hand side of your search bar in the top menu. This will open the advanced search menu:

An image showing Organimi's advanced search feature

Search your org charts on a more granular level with Organimi advanced search.

You can then use any of the above options to search for an individual or group of individuals. Search by phone number, department, role description, LinkedIn information… the choice is yours.

Using advanced search is a fantastic way to keep your head above the water and quickly find people in particularly large organization or large projects, or when you need to track down people from within a specific department—the reasons one may use it are endless.

Finding Employees in an Org Chart

Maybe you don’t want to see a certain person’s information, though; maybe you want to see their position in a chart or hierarchy instead. This is possible, too!

In the left-hand ‘Organization Roster’ list, simply scroll through the list to find the individual you are looking for and then click on their name to highlight their card in an org chart. The list is ordered alphabetically to make searching simple.

Learn More About Our Industry-Leading HR Software

There is a reason why so many companies—from large household names to SMBs—use Organimi, and that is because we are the greatest at what we do. Our best-in-class org chart software makes companies instantly more efficient by expediting searches for information, streamlining onboarding, and aiding project management, among other things.

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