Org Chart Outsourcing Using Organimi’s Concierge Service

If you know you need to start using org charts but don’t know where to begin, don’t have time to make them yourself, or don’t know how to do it, our new Concierge Service is perfect for you!

Org Chart Concierge Service

Our new Concierge Service is the perfect accompaniment to an Organimi subscription. It allows you to remain firmly hands-off with your org charts but still reap the many benefits and rewards of using them.

Some of the services our team of org chart specialists are able to help you with include:

  • Data and photo import and integration;
  • Building staff rosters and staff maps;
  • Org chart creation, formatting, and custom fields;
  • Printing, sharing, and publishing charts, directories, and photo boards; and
  • Anything else that falls within the scope of our tool.

After all, we are the org chart experts here—why not let us handle everything for you, leaving you with plenty of time to concentrate on other critical tasks?

Our Concierge Service costs a fixed fee of US$99 per hour.

If you want to get started quickly and benefit from fully interactive, intuitive, and powerful org charts at a low price, contact the team today!

Make Your Org Charts Work for You

Org charts are used by companies big and small all over the world to keep their days running smoothly, projects on track, and staff in the know. They are and have been a staple for decades and Organimi’s smart org chart tool takes them to the next level with its features.

If you’re still not sure if you should be using org charts or if they are worth the investment, here are a few key benefits you should know about.

1. Org charts present a clear structure and reference point

A live, digital org chart can replicate the true dynamic and multidimensional structure of today’s modern company. Unlike classic static org charts that are limited in function, live org charts—like those created using Organimi—perfectly accommodate today’s organizational structures.

Live org charts are not static diagrams and boxes connected by lines. Rather, they are dynamic and responsive workplace tools that can be customized, updated in real-time, display data fields, be designed to a custom specification, and a whole lot more. They can be used to map out projects, provide a top-down view of your company’s structure and its staff, and welcome new starters by providing all the information that they need, and more.

2. They encourage collaboration

Your org chart can be used by multiple people at the same time for planning and collaboration. This is ideal for growing organizations that need to create shareable versions of charts that can be presented both internally and externally. Through sharing, printing, or embedding, live org charts can be chopped, changed, and improved via real-time collaboration.

They are also especially useful where a company operates a remote team. In a working environment where colleagues are not physically near one another day-to-day, employees can become complacent, avoid communicating with one another, and cause projects to lose their momentum. By having project-specific org charts, employees working on them are far more likely to remain connected with one another because they can see what’s going on in real-time, keep updated, and feed work directly into the project.

3.  They help to manage workload

Org charts help to manage workload and prevent your employees from becoming burned out.

When utilized correctly, a well-structured and managed org chart allows you and your other employees to visualize the workload of others. This is especially useful for higher-level managers because they can see clearly, for example, how many people form a certain team, how much work a supervisor within that team has on during a given time period, or how many people or departments fall under a specific individual.

When workloads can be visualized, directors and upper management (and even regular team members) can avoid piling on too much on to one person.

Ready to Try Org Charts?

Organimi is the go-to tool for organizations that want to create intuitive organizational charts for use in the onboarding process and beyond.

Our cloud-based SaaS platform is easily deployable in companies big and small and can be customized to a high degree to allow for seamless use with or alongside your company’s existing tools, processes, and workflows.

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