When we first announced our plans for developing Organimi 7.0 in January 2020, we weren’t exactly thinking about “new beginnings.” But, as we look back now, it certainly turned out that way.

There is an old saying about a crisis being a time of danger and opportunity – and this seemed to ring true in 2020.

The “danger” part was easy to spot.  Whether it was COVID cases and death counts, #BLM, climate change, Brexit, the US election, or any number of natural calamities around the world, 2020 was a year to remember (or perhaps a year many will want to forget).


New Opportunities

Against this crazy backdrop, though, 2020 also provided a unique opportunity—alone and through our shared experiences—to live our lives differently; to do things differently. Here at Organimi, we took that very much to heart.  

As an industry pioneer, we’ve always been relentlessly focused on making the process of using purpose-built software simple and user-friendly. We were, after all, the first to market with a purpose-built online org chart solution in 2013, a lifetime ago now.

Seven years on, with the help of our customers’ feedback, we took this opportunity to step back and reimagine online org charts in light of everything happening around us, and build an even better system to create, update, share, and manage organizational charts for all the organizations you belong to.   

Organimi 7.0 has been specifically designed to help our customers meet the needs they have always had while addressing the new organizational challenges of their post-COVID workspaces—the need for agility and adaptability in a fast-evolving and rapidly changing work landscape.

We are grateful for the feedback and suggestions you have shared with us, and we hope that you will find the improvements in Version 7 exceed your expectations. 


What Did We Do, Exactly? 

We reimagined Organimi from the ground up: from new simpler workflows, encouraging flexibility from wherever you work; to new features like pinning sections of your chart, custom chart themes like dark mode, modern, and classic, and a library of avatars; to significantly improved graphics, exporting, and printing options. 

Reimagined and Rebranded

The first thing we hope you notice is how clean Organimi now looks. We reimagined the UX and incorporated the latest in design thinking to make the overall user experience absolutely seamless. Organimi V7 represents a clean, welcome and needed break from the past and a step forward. 

Simplicity and Usability

If 2020 was a year of complexity and anxiety, 2021 will be a year of growth and change. You will notice so many new and improved features with Organimi 7.0, you may wonder where to start! 

Many of these features will be familiar to our power users, but other users will not have previously known they existed. All of the capabilities in Organimi are here to help users create, manage, share, and build communities around their org charts across their organizations. For our current users, and for users on new journeys with Organimi, we hope the simplicity and usability, as well as the breadth and depth of customization features and options we give you access to, will surprise and delight you.

Security and Stability

You won’t notice, as much, the steps taken behind the scenes to continue to improve Organimi’s performance, speed, and security. But, these features have been very much in our minds, in response to the requests of users at our larger clients, and their IT teams, for additional capabilities in these areas.

These capabilities, including regional hosting options for Europe and Asia, make sense, particularly in an increasingly complicated world with increased local market regulation and higher levels of cyber activity and risk. We have responded here and plan continuously to enhance these features of our platform.

Affordability and Flexibility

Our customer community at Organimi is the world’s most diverse with users across all regions and countries around the globe, spanning the private and public sector, not for profit and educational institutions of all types and sizes. 

Our commitment to delivering exceptional software at an affordable price remains very much at the core of what we do. If you’re an Organimi user, you have a seamless transition path to Version 7.0 at no additional cost. If you are new to Organimi, check out our pricing plans to find one that best suits your organizational requirements. You’ll find the value and self-service capabilities meet almost any imaginable need.

Organimi Connect

Organimi has long since focused on helping people “connect, communicate and collaborate” at work. The systems and software supporting this need to be up to the task of enabling that. In 2020, Organimi introduced several automated integrations for Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce. These integrations, and many more still to come, as well as the Organimi API and other offerings, are now available under our Organimi Connect platform for our customers to enable Organimi to work seamlessly in their environments. 

Our overarching goal from the outset has been to build a company culture that revolves around the success of our customers—whether they are in the private sector, or public sector, educational institutions, or faith-based and not for profit organizations. Organimi 7.0 offers a comprehensive, functionally rich, and robust set of capabilities for organizations of all types and sizes.  

We’re proud of what we accomplished and we’re so excited to be releasing Organimi 7.0. We hope you like it! 


We’d Love Your Feedback

Let us know what we are doing right, and what you think we can do better. Send us an email at support@organimi.com and I will personally respond to all your comments.

-Eric Apps, Co-Founder