A clear indicator of a seasoned sales professional with an effective sales strategy is their ability to navigate the complex web of relationships and influences within an organization. One method they can use to successfully chart their sales strategy is to gain access to the prospect’s org chart.

The challenge for many sales professionals is actually getting access to this information, which is difficult at best, and then keeping up with all the changes in organizational structure and roles as their relationship with the business evolves.

On this topic and challenge, Organimi is thinking outside the box and ahead of the curve.  The Organimi Planner edition provides tools that help sales professionals, client relationship managers and others better understand their prospects and customers.

Whether you work in a fast growing company eager to build out a high performing sales team or are an individual sales executive selling complex enterprise solutions, knowing how organizations function and who is in charge of making and influencing decisions is paramount to successfully generating new business and building out existing accounts.

Sales is the lifeblood of any business. If you work in sales, you have a number of ongoing priorities that require you to be efficient with your time managing generating new business and ensuring smooth account delivery.

Getting the Lay of the Land of Your Accounts
When you sign a new account, you create an opportunity to generate additional revenue which is a lot easier than putting extra time, energy, and effort into prospecting a net new account that may not necessarily pay off. Who’s “buy in” did you get and who else’s support do you still need to continue getting traction, either by upselling or selling into another business unit within the firm. If your organization sells multiple solutions, you may have to go on a deeper dive to understand how the client’s organization functions before you can sell into another department without damaging the existing rapport. Asking your client for a copy of their org chart is an option but not the only one.

“In sales getting access to “org charts” is the gold standard of engagement because it helps sales reps better execute on their account management strategies.” – Dave Stein

When You Need the Org Chart But Can’t Ask For It
In complex sales, an org chart is an important asset. A good indicator of the depth relationship you have within an account is whether or not you feel comfortable asking for it. But what do you do if you are selling into a new account or feel you may be overreaching by asking? You can build your own with the right tools and update accordingly as time goes on. Organimi’s integration capabilities allow you to map out an account’s org chart completely yourself by mapping out the intel directly from Linkedin. Save this information and reduce future admin and maintain your insights.

Internal Account Delivery and Organizational Design Strategy
Org charts in sales are not only for external purposes. Sales needs to engage with multiple parties in account management internally. Both sales support and marketing are critical for account delivery, management and lead nurturing. Sales leaders need to train their team how to interact with other internal departments and plan for future team member additions. Sales often has high turnover. Having a roadmap for how to onboard new members of the team and deliver on accounts is crucial critical to productivity and sales success. The org chart is a critical tool for future forecasting, HR planning and account delivery in-house.

Building Your Book of Business Takes Years: Bring Your Intelligence With You Wherever You Go
Growing and maintaining a professional network of contacts is the elite sales professional’s secret sauce to future success with less effort in new sales roles.  Admin is burdensome and saving the work that was done in the past is now efficiency in the future. Maintain your insights within Organimi and never worry about having to extract your intel from a CRM when moving to another organization.  You never know when you are going to have to go back to past relationships in your future endeavours.

Sharing Your Org Chart

Exporting Your Org Chart to a PDF

Developing an understanding of how a company makes purchases by identifying key decision makers and influencers is critical to the success of building out any account. Using an org chart to outline these relationships is a tool for the seasoned sales professional.