Looking for an org chart template that matches the structure of your organization?

No two companies have exactly the same structure. Every organization has their own unique structural quirks, but most use a variation of one of a few standard company types. There are many org chart templates out there on the internet, but finding one that would be a great fit for your company is often a struggle. You might go through dozens of different templates before you find one that you don’t have to edit heavily in order to get it to fit with your structure.

Luckily, Organimi has a solution to this problem. Our org chart allows you to create org charts using six different common org chart structure types using our org chart templates. You can choose to create large or small org charts, and the templates will dynamically change in size to accommodate companies of all sizes.

Departmental Org Chart Template

org chart template

Departmental org charts are the most common type of org chart on our platform. They can be limited to just your management structure or can spell out all employees within the separate departments. The Organimi template starts with four different departments, but you can quickly expand or shrink the chart by removing columns. Companies with many different departments may have to create several separate org charts to cover their entire organization.

A departmental org chart is a common choice for companies that want to create a resource that they can distribute within their company. You can expand the individual employee slots to include more information like emails or phone numbers to serve as a definitive contact list for your company.

Geographical Org Chart Template

geographical org chart template

Geographical org charts are an excellent choice for large multinational companies or companies with distributed teams. Giving your employees an understanding of where all of the members of your organization are located can help them to improve communication. According to Gallup, 70% of employees are not engaged at work. Fostering engagement is even harder when you work in different locations. Materials can be sent with an understanding of the time-zone differences which will lead to less frustration and smoother conversations for distributed teams.

Here at Organimi, we have written extensively about managing and improving communication within remote and distributed teams. A geographical org chart is absolutely essential for helping your teams to understand where everyone is located and make decisions with those facts in mind.

Market-Based Org Chart Template

market based org chart template

Does your company offer products in a number of different markets? It can be difficult to visually organize companies that have operations in separate markets whose internal workings may be disjointed or completely disconnected from other areas of your organization. Our template makes it easy.

The market-based org chart template in Organimi is commonly chosen by large companies with many products that span several different industries. With a little editing this template is an ideal choice for companies who have acquired other companies that still operate independently under their umbrella. 

Product-Based Org Chart Template

product based org chart template

For your employees and teams, knowing who is working on what projects can be difficult with a visual aid. The product-based template is a great choice for companies with multiple independent teams working on different products that your company offers.

Sometimes, teams that work on different products may have little to do with each other in day-to-day work. When it comes time to communicate with someone on another team, they may not be able to identify who the right person is. Giving your employees a resource that makes it easy for them to communicate across product teams is imperative for collaboration and resource sharing.

The product-based template is one of the more popular templates in our system. Many companies will create a product-based chart in addition to another main org chart. Visualizing who is working on what product is a powerful tool for communication and organizational awareness for your teams. Studies show that employees that are more connected experience increases in productivity.

Process-Based Org Chart Template

process based org chart template

The Process-based org chart in Organimi is another popular option for accompanying a standard org chart. Breaking down your organization into the different processes involved in your daily work regiment can help improve communication across your organization. Your process-based org chart might include:

  • Research & Development
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Customer Success
  • Customer Support

The standard template creates four different process-based columns, but you can easily edit the template to add or remove new columns as needed. This type of org chart is extremely useful for identifying the right person to contact about a particular subject. Process-based questions are common in any company and distributing a process-based org chart is a useful choice.

Matrix Org Chart Template

matrix org chart template

In the matrix organization structure and org chart, the relationships on the chart are visualized as a grid rather than a hierarchy. In matrix structures, people with similar skill sets are often paired together for work assignments. In this type of structure, employees may have multiple different managers that they have to report to.

For example, all engineers in the engineering department may report to one engineering manager. But those engineers are also distributed among a bunch of different projects, which means that they also report to the managers of those projects as well. This can make this type of structure difficult to visualize.

This unique management structure is often more difficult to chart, but Organimi has made sure to include a matrix org chart template for companies that use this structure.

Organimi is a Valuable Tool for All Org Chart Structures

Organimi is a valuable tool for creating org charts for all types of organizational structures. The six different templates that we offer cover a majority of the popular structures. Each of these templates can be edited to reflect your own internal structure. Additionally, you can always use Organimi to create your org chart from scratch.