When creating an org chart, you need an org chart template that matches the structure of your organization. While there are many templates to choose from, it’s hard to find the right org chart template that fits your organization’s unique structural quirks.

Luckily, Organimi has a solution. Our org chart provides you with pre-made org chart templates based on the six common org chart structure types. Whether you’re building large or small org charts, our org chart templates will adapt to your company’s size. Let’s go into detail on each org chart template.

Departmental Org Chart Template

org chart template

Departmental org charts are the most common type of org chart on our platform. They can be limited to just your management structure or can spell out all employees within the separate departments. The Organimi template starts with four different departments, but you can quickly expand or shrink the chart by removing columns. Companies with many different departments may have to create several separate org charts to cover their entire organization.

A departmental org chart is a common choice for companies that want to create a resource that they can distribute within their company. You can expand the individual employee slots to include more information like emails or phone numbers to serve as a definitive contact list for your company.

Geographical Org Chart Template

geographical org chart template

Geographical org charts are great for large multinational corporations or companies with geographically dispersed teams. These charts visually represent the locations of all organizational members to facilitate better communication and collaboration across different regions. According to Gallup, a staggering 70% of employees report feeling disengaged at work, especially when there’s a significant geographical distance.

Understanding the geographical layout of your organization can significantly enhance engagement by making it easier for team members to connect across time zones. By integrating local time information into each location on the org chart, materials and communications can be scheduled more effectively to reduce frustration and improve workflow.

At Organimi, we’ve done our homework on effective strategies for managing and improving communication within remote and distributed teams. A well-designed geographical org chart is essential since it allows your teams to easily visualize and understand the physical spread of their colleagues. This allows your team to strategically plan projects and communications.

Market-Based Org Chart Template

market based org chart template

If your company caters to diverse markets with various product lines, it can be hard to visually organize companies that have different segments operate almost independently. That’s where our market-based org chart template comes in handy.

The market-based org chart is perfect for large enterprises that manage a broad range of products across multiple industries. It’s especially useful for organizations that have grown through acquisitions, incorporating companies that continue to operate autonomously. With our market-based org chart, you can delineate and manage these distinct business units to ensure each operates efficiently while aligning with the overall corporate strategy.

You can also adjust the template to reflect the unique structure and relationships of your business accurately to simplify managerial oversight and enhance communication across different market segments. Having a clear structure also helps employees understand their role within the larger context and fosters a sense of cohesion within the company.

Product-Based Org Chart Template

product based org chart template

Our product-based org chart template is designed for companies that have various teams each dedicated to different products. This layout helps clarify team structures and responsibilities, which is especially beneficial for organizations where cross-product collaboration is key.

Often, teams focused on separate products operate in silos, which can hinder communication. When an issue arises or when cross-team collaboration is necessary, knowing who to contact quickly is essential. Studies show that employees that are more connected experience increases in productivity. Our product-based org chart provides a clear roadmap of who is responsible for what, facilitating smoother interactions across different teams. This is particularly useful for integrating efforts during product development or marketing campaigns.

Process-Based Org Chart Template

process based org chart template

If you’re looking to streamline communication and improve operational efficiency, our process-based org chart template is a solid choice. It segments your organization into distinct processes to map out specific functions that keep your business running smoothly. This approach clarifies roles and responsibilities but also enhances collaboration by highlighting the flow of tasks across the company.

Your process-based org chart could include key areas like:

  • Research & Development
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Customer Success
  • Customer Support

Initially, the template features four main process columns, but you can easily add or remove columns to tailor it to your organization’s unique processes. This type of org chart is especially beneficial for quickly identifying who is responsible for a particular process, making it easier to address specific questions or issues that arise. It’s also helpful for new employees to understand how their role fits into the wider operational context of the company.

Matrix Org Chart Template

matrix org chart template

The matrix org chart template is specifically designed for a matrix organization structure. In a matrix structure, employees often belong to more than one functional area and report to multiple managers, which can complicate visual representation. Compared to a traditional hierarchy, the matrix is replaced by a grid-like visualization.

This dual reporting system is what makes the matrix structure both unique and challenging to diagram. Organimi’s matrix org chart template simplifies this by providing a clear layout that helps depict these complex relationships effectively. It’s particularly useful in environments where cross-functional teams are common and project-based work is the norm.

Using the matrix org chart can greatly aid in clarifying reporting relationships and team roles, making it easier for everyone to understand their position within the company. It also supports better communication since employees can see at a glance who they need to connect with about specific projects or issues.

Organimi is a Valuable Tool for All Org Chart Structures

No matter which org chart structure fits your company best, Organimi has got you covered. Aside from offering org chart templates for the top six most commonly used organizational structures, Organimi also provides robust customization options and advanced reporting features. These tools allow you to create detailed and comprehensive org charts tailored to your specific needs.

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