Whether it is through competitive pricing or features that you won’t find with any other org chart tool, at Organimi we are dedicated to providing value to our customers. Today, we are pleased to announce our brand-new plans and pricing structure that was recently launched. 

Here is a quick guide to what’s changing. 

Old vs New Plans

With our old plans, all users started on a free plan that is good for adding up to 50 members to your org chart. This allowed our users to test out Organimi.

We also had five paid plans to choose from:

  • Organimi 30 Day, billed at $80 and expires 30 days after purchase
  • Personal, $10.00 per month billed annually;
  • Team, $20.00 per month billed annually;
  • Planner, $30.00 per month billed annually; and
  • Pro, $50.00 per month billed annually. 

From March 20th, 2020, all users now start on a 14-day trial of the Pro plan. The new plan structure is as follows:

  • Free (all paid trial accounts will downgrade to free after a 14 day period);
  • Personal, $10 per month billed annually;
  • Team, $30 per month billed annually;
  • Pro, $50 per month billed annually; and 
  • Enterprise, custom-made plans for larger organizations.

What’s the Difference?

Our primary motivation for switching things up is a desire to deliver more for less. By introducing these new, simpler, and more cost-effective plans, we are bringing the features that our industry-leading org chart tool is famous for to a wider audience. 

With fewer plans to choose from, business decision makers and executives spend less time weighing up their options and more time implementing a smart org chart solution. 

‘Free’ Users

Organimi Free users will still be able to access everything that they could before. This includes being able to create one org chart with up to 50 different users. Unlike before, however, Free users will benefit from access to unlimited custom fields, previously capped at four.

Free users will also be able to import their own data, apply basic formatting to charts, share charts via email, URL links, and embedding, export to PDF, PNG, and PowerPoint, and print their charts with a watermark. 

‘Team’ Users

Organimi Team users will now be able to create up to 25 org charts compared to 10 on the current Team plan. There will also be no restriction on the number of admins.

Team users will benefit from all the Free plan features plus advanced formatting options and multiple role types.

‘Pro’ Users

Organimi Pro users will be able to create an unlimited number of admins, despite being the same price as the current Proplan. Pro will also accommodate unlimited org charts.

Pro users will benefit from all the Team and Free plan features, plus access to matrix org charts, file attachments, third-party integrations (Microsoft, Office 365, Google, etc.), one hours’ worth of personalized onboarding, and a dedicated customer success advisor. 

‘Enterprise’ Users

We recognize that in some cases, pre-made plans with defined limits simply don’t work for larger organizations. That is why we are now introducing an Enterprise option for our larger customers. 

Enterprise will allow organizations to custom subscription terms that are tailored to them, regional hosting, priority support, employee pricing, and multiyear pricing. 

Is There Still a Free Trial?

Yes –we still offer a free trial to all new users. 

Although we are confident that you will love our advanced org chart tool, there are lots of different org tools and solutions available on the market. To that end, we understand that many of our potential users want to try before they buy.

With the rollout of these new plans, however, our free trial has changed to a 14-day free trial of the Pro plan. This will automatically downgrade to the Free plan once the free trial period is up where an alternative subscription has not been selected. Delivering More for Less With Our New Plans