Yes, it is that time of year – back to school…in the northern hemisphere at least.

Hope you enjoyed your summer break.

I just dropped my daughter off at university along with thousands of guys and girls all in the same boat.

I have no idea how she will figure out who everyone is, but I am sure she will have fun figuring that out!

That’s kind of what it feels like for new people getting onboarded into companies as well.  Getting to know “who’s who and what they do” can be challenging.  So what are you doing to make that  easier?

Organimi Is Helping Our Customers Get Organized For The Fall

Being back to work is not just about the “new”.  You may also have a summer full of stacked up organizational changes and planning for 2014 to deal with.

Most of you likely heard or read about Steve Ballmer’s planned departure from Microsoft; one of the most prominent executive suite changes this summer.  It heralds more changes in the executive ranks and across teams at that organization, as it retools to deal with a fast changing technology industry for devices, software and services.  The acquisition of Nokia’s mobile devices business announced days later will bring even more change, with complex business integration issues on a global scale.

What about your place? 

Things may not change at the pace and on the scale they do at Microsoft, but if you are like most people these days you still have changes happening, and you rarely have the time you need to stay on top of them.

….Have people changes have been made in your organization too?  Is the org chart up to date?

Does being back at work mean everyone is back dealing with out of date org chart and organizational design tools?

How can you manage to keep ahead of the curve on people planning  and talent management? 

Team Building and Planning Organizational Change Ahead of Time

Maybe it is time to check out Organimi!

As you return to work, you may also be wondering what kind of progress your organization has made  in accomplishing your team building objectives this year.

What does the “people plan” at your company look like by the way 6 months from now, 12 months on, or in two years?

Organimi’s “simply awesome” approach to creating and sharing org charts can help you answer these and other questions.

We’ve received some great feedback from a senior manager at one of our customers. He is responsible for a team of 50 engineers, on-site and remote workers; but the team is growing so fast he expects it to number 250 people in 24 months; lots of new roles and lots of vacant positions to fill.  Huge growth, in a compressed timeframe.

Using Organimi he has been able to lay out the team’s roles (filled and unfilled), move his team members into different positions as he explores talent management options, discuss career paths with team members, and share these results with the senior executive team, as well as his managers, to get their feedback.

He has been able to all this on his own, quickly and efficiently, without having to engage other business, IT or HR stakeholders or resources.

The result – significant business value benefits and faster time to solution for him and his organization.  Not to mention reduced stress and the comfort of knowing he is on top of his team and the direction he wants to move in.

That’s worth getting excited about.  Happier more engaged team members, and thousands of dollars in savings by avoiding unnecessary recruiting costs, and time wasted in planning meetings.

Transparency Matters to Employees…and Strengthens Engagement

Halley Bock, in her recent article Three Best Practises Employees Crave, notes that employers can strengthen employee engagement by enabling transparency, autonomy and responsiveness as three key best practises.  Organizations committed to these principles encourage accountability, development and individual empowerment. 

That’s what we enable at Organimi.

Making it possible to create “access everywhere” org charts in minutes that can be published and shared across your organization is important.  And we also try make it fun….or at least more fun than your current tools for this.

We’re also motivated by a more fundamental objective – making sure everyone at work is kept up to date on all the changes in their workplaces, and that everyone on your team can be actively engaged in seeing, discussing and influencing the process of organizational change around them.

Bock suggests that organizations addressing these needs experience higher retention levels, and job satisfaction increases.  

At Organimi, we make transparency possible, virtually, in real time.  We help build teams that last as a result.

How Does Organimi Work?

Organimi is free for teams with up to 500 members, and you can be up and running right away.

It is simple. You can create your org charts in a few minutes.  Or get your team to do it.

If you don’t want to try it at work, try it on another organization you belong to, or participate in – like your kid’s school, a faith group or a volunteer organization.

Using Dynamic Org Charts To Get To The Next Level In Talent Management 

Peter Cappelli has written that organizations are not doing particularly well at anticipating and fulfilling their personnel needs, resulting in reliance on external pools of talent; a costlier and higher risk proposition.  He advocated for a systems based approach to talent management, outlining the importance of creating opportunities for career development and growth.

Our clients have realized that providing more transparency and collaboration opportunities in the process of organizational design is just good talent management.  By letting your teams help shape the organization you are creating, you’re helping them explore and define their career paths with you….while getting to know each other a whole lot better.

Everybody wins.

We agree.  We’re keeping things simple.  Talent management starts with knowing your team, their capabilities, and their aspirations.  Then you can plan accordingly.  We can help there as well.  

There is no easier to use organizational planner for team managers and HR professionals than Organimi.

Just ask CF Brett for a personal demo.  He’ll get that organized for you. 

Brett_Shellhammer_in_NYCAnd the basic features – all you need for these tasks – are free, for up to 500 users.  

So you can experiment all you want and understand the value of Organimi for yourself.

We’re here to give you support if you want it…and we’re happy to let you do it yourself as well.

Zero downside; huge upside.  It just works.  For everyone.

Get started today.

And welcome back.

Enjoy the fall!

The Organimi Team