If you are already using Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you are likely very familiar with all the awesome features that it includes to help save time and aid operational efficiency.

If you’re not, then you should be—especially since Azure AD can be seamlessly integrated with Organimi for the instant importation of new members to your organizational chart!

Why Use AzureAD?

AzureAD is a cloud-based directory and identity management service created by Microsoft. It is designed to handle identity management with capabilities that include password management, security monitoring, auditing, and multi-factor authentication.

Helping to streamline business operations (say goodbye to IT helpdesk calls for forgotten passwords!), AzureAD improves productivity and security with single sign-on across thousands of cloud-based applications, including ours—Organimi.

Integrating AzureAD with Organimi

Organimi lets organizations using AzureAD integrate it to import members into their organizational charts. When done correctly, all members’ information will be imported including pictures, email addresses, and the names of supervisors or line managers.

Using the managers’ field information on users’ AzureAD profiles, Organimi automatically builds and structures your organizational chart.

Here’s how you can integrate AzureAD with Organimi.

1. First, access your Azure Active Directory

You can do this by logging in to your Microsoft Azure account and then navigating to Azure Active Directory and then Users in the left-hand menu. A screen will then appear that contains all your users.

2. Fill out all the necessary information

For each user, populate all the necessary fields—name, picture, manager, email address, and job title, etc. Organimi uses this information to create and structure your organizational chart, so having these fields populated is a must for it to work properly.

3. Integrate from Organimi’s dashboard

The easiest way to integrate AzureAD with Organimi is to integrate directly from the Organimi dashboard. From your dashboard, simply click the INTEGRATIONS tab located to the right-hand side.

A new screen will appear with the option to integrate with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Office 365, and a few other options. Click ‘Get Started’ next to the AzureAD option and follow the on-screen prompts.

4. OR integrate from your organizational chart

First, open the chart where you want to import your members and then click the ‘Bulk Import’ button. A new screen titled ‘Import Members and Roles’ will appear. On that screen, click ‘Integrate with Another System’ and then click ‘Get Started’ next to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory option.

You will be prompted to authenticate with your Microsoft account. Do so, and you will be returned to the ‘Import Members and Roles’ screen which will now display the AzureAD users found that are available for importing.

From here, check the three boxes and then click ‘Next’. Organimi will now read all the data from AzureAD and structure your chart. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the process.

Need some help? Encountering an error message?  Read the full, visual Organimi-AzureAD integration guide.

Realize True Organizational Efficiency with Organimi

Organimi’s cloud-based SaaS platform is the go-to for organizations that want to optimize their workflows and realize what it means to be truly efficient. Create organizational hierarchies, plan projects, simplify the onboarding process, and more with Organimi.

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