How Meningitis Research Foundation a non profit uses Org Charts

As the community continues to grow – we see a lot of different industries, people and companies use Organimi to build Org Chart to keep track of sales accounts, recruits, company structure and organization design. We sat down with Mike Taylor from Meningitis Research Foundation to chat more about how he uses Organimi can be used for Org Charts for Non Profits.

Thanks for chatting with us Mike. Can you tell us a little about Meningitis Research Foundation

MT: Our vision is a world free of meningitis. We fund research, promote awareness, and provide support to people and families affected by meningitis and septicaemia in the UK and beyond.

Thanks for doing this case study with us Mike. Before we get into the case study, can you share a little of your background and the current role you have at MRF?

We are part way through a restructure. I have been Head of Fundraising & Development for over 3 years and am taking up a new post to the organisation – Head of Operations and Projects. This is part of our strategy to move further into the international NGO space.

I am also a business owner and non-exec director of another non-profit organisation. You can find out more about me here.

My role is about leading and managing implementation of development projects, raising income for our work from institutional funders, and looking after our infrastructure and internal processes.

What were some of the challenges you faced with regards to building Organizational Charts for your non profit and Organizational Design

We are in a process of change with reorganisation principally at a senior level. This involves reallocation of responsibilities, changes in line-management, and creation of new posts.

This process involves a lot of dialogue, sensitivity and flexibility. It is necessary to create and discuss different draft structures quickly and flexibly, in confidence and to be able create a sense of fluidity while the process unfolds.

How did you find Organimi and how did it help you solve some of those challenges?

I was looking online for a tool that would be fast, flexible, and would facilitate sharing and dynamic input from others. I undertook a Google search and must have quickly reviewed about 5 products. Organimi was the most accessible, intuitive, flexible, and cost effective.

It has allowed me to present relationships in very organic/flexible ways, which is helpful when discussing changes that may be sensitive and take some time to work through

What kind of results have you achieved since switching over to Organimi?

I’ve been able to re-work the organisational chart quickly and efficiently several times in response to feedback from colleagues, helping to keep the discussion going and allowing colleagues to feel listened to and respected.

Anything else you would like to share?

The team at Organimi have been incredibly quick to respond to queries and provide assistance. There are obviously real people ready to help and committed to their product and to customer service.

Thank you Mike for taking out the time to chat with us. You can learn more about Meningitis Research Foundation by visiting their website or connect with Mike over LinkedIn.

How does your non profit use Organizational Charts? let us know in the comments!