Organimi Version 4 launch, which is happening today.  We think the dev team has done an incredible job of making a beautiful product for our users looking to create beautiful cloud based org charts.  

You can check out Organimi 4 here.  

In earlier blogs this year we talked about our once-in-a-century dismally cold winter of 2015….with record low temperatures and gobs of snow across much of eastern North America…while western mountains starved for precipitation.  A friend of mine showed me his Whistler pics this week and it looked like May in February…..Yikes!

Feeling unlucky about the lack of snow when you wanted it, or about being on the receiving end of the freezing cold temperatures and tons of the white stuff when you didn’t?  

Cheer up!  St Patrick’s Day has arrived and you are on the cusp of the spring solistice!  It is getting a lot warmer from here on in!


And while you are taking your brief sabbatical from Lent  this week, just a gentle reminder that we made two “big” announcements last week.

The first was the alpha release of Organimi Version 4 which is happening today.  We think the dev team has done an incredible job of making a beautiful product for our users looking to create beautiful cloud based org charts.  

You can check out Organimi 4 here.  

But please, please, please give Organimi 4 a test drive and help us get the beta in shape for the word out there!!  

We’re interested in remote teams, virtual organizations, businesses, sales teams, schools, churches, not for profits – anyone interested in an easier to use, faster, org chart design tool for creating and sharing awesome org charts with your teams.

We’re feeling a bit like proud parents…after months and months of work, we’re finally seeing and able to share with you the results.  We hope you’ll enjoy them.


The second announcement, buried deep in our blog last week, was that we were making 7% of the equity of Organimi available for sharing by the first 1,000 paid subscribers for our premium offering, once we move to the generally available release in April, 2015 after alpha and beta testing is done.
To celebrate, we want to offer a big reward to our loyal users…..Can you say pot of gold at that end of the rainbow?


So we figured there should likely be some rules of the road for this contest.

Rules of the Road On Our Organimi Contest

  1. This is a gift, not an investment.  If you pay the premium subscription price for Organimi it should be because you want to use the product.  If this gift turns into something, we’ll all be thrilled, but no one can bank on it.  So don’t.
  2. We may need to ask you a skill testing question.  We’ll keep you posted.  It depends what the lawyers say.
  3. You only get to enter once, and paid means paid.  We’re talking the first 1,000 paids for the premium, ultra-deluxe version of the product ($699); so if there is a charge-back or other issue we will drop you from the list and add in the next person in line.  Our payment records will govern.   
  4. You’re along for the ride.  We’ll have a very simple structure so that all the shares we issue under this offer are held in trust for the investor group.  The trustee will exercise the voting rights.  But you’ll get all the value if we declare dividends or sell the company; and if / when we go public you will get the shares.
  5. We may have to jump through legal hoops together; so you should be ready for that.
  6. We’re promising to do our best; that’s it….and that’s a lot!
  7. Lucky 7 is we rely on our 1,000 winners to be fearless and constant advocates for the company; we want you engaged in expanding awareness of Organimi and use of the product.  You’ll have lots of reasons – 7% worth – to want to do that.  We’ll be promoting you and your stories and leaning on you for support…so don’t participate if that is not something you are up for.

 We’re super excited about Organimi 4 -we hope you like it, and want to pay up and grab a slice.


 Thanks to all our users for their continuing support.

As always, thanks for reading.

The Organimi Team