At Organimi we are all about providing a simple, easy to use, affordable online solution for creating and sharing awesome organizational charts.

Our Version 4 alpha feedback was terrific – thanks for all the great comments.  We’re glad users love the new look.

Organimi Version 4 is now in beta.  I wanted to take some time today to share the progress we’ve made and thank you for your feedback and help along the way.

With today’s beta release we’re also adding some more of the most requested features our users have asked for including Dotted Line Reporting.

  • Dotted Line Reporting: Since Organimi Version 1, dotted line reporting has probably been our most requested feature. With organizational structures and designs that have one person sometimes reporting to multiple people, it was important for us at Organimi to make sure we get it right. In the Beta you will find an option to add dotted line reporting — up or down — when you add a new person to a role. This is still in early beta so please let us know your feedback so we can test, enhance and improve it.
  • Administrative Console:  Do your bit to save the planet.  Think about sharing your org charts instead of people having to print them.  Using your super-powers as an Organimi Administrator, you have one view of everyone who has access to the charts and what permissions they have. If you have multiple charts, this allows you to assign different roles to individual charts in a more intuitive way. Someone left the company? No problem, simply remove the person with one click.
  • Export Charts as PNG & PDF: We know that even with great sharing options there are still ways people want to print and share org charts with other people and in other applications.  With Version 4 we introduced PDF prints for Org Charts. In addition a lot of our users have requested better embedding options – so we have introduced an easy png file generator to make it fast and simple for you to embed your awesome org charts into Word, PowerPoint or other applications. Now you can download a PNG or PDF version of your charts to print or embed it wherever you want!
  • Connecting Your LinkedIn Profile Pages:  If you are creating the profile for your organization, now you canconnect your LinkedIn Company Page quickly and easily. Just cut and paste the LinkedIn url pointer to your Company Page.  This is the first step in several initiatives we have under way to enable faster, easier integration with LinkedIn and other useful applications, tools and resources for your organizational design needs.
  • Upgrades and Paid Plans: We’re very excited that alot of you wanted to upgrade to a paid plan. Thank you for your support.  We will use your subscription dollars wisely! Remember we have a special offer for our first 1000 customers on our premium plan of $699/year (tweet this).  You can now enter your credit card number and upgrade to a plan that best suits you at any time. Our payments are powered by Stripe who use industry leading security and encryption technologies. Stripe is used by the largest online brands and companies like Twitter so you are in great company.

If you are new to Organimi going forward you will be starting with Organimi Version 4 Beta – we hope you love it.

If you are an existing user, you will still have a few weeks to use Version 3 but if you are thinking ahead, you will likely want to start checking out Version 4.

If you need help migrating from 3 to 4, by all means contact us at

I also wanted to share what is on our roadmap in the coming months so if you have any feedback or comments, please let us know.

  • Import contacts from Google or LinkedIn (Coming Soon)
  • Migration of Charts/Roster from V3 to V4 (Coming Soon)
  • Redesigned Role Cards (Coming Soon)
  • Custom fields for People Profiles (Coming Soon)