We hope you’re enjoying Organimi and find it easy to use! In the following post, I will cover how to add additional administrators to your Organimi account.

To setup administrators (who can edit anything in an Org Chart) and other permissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the correct organization in the left hand panels and click Settings.
  2. Under Administration, click Add an Administrator.
  3. Continue to add more Administrators as desired. The Administrator receives an automatic email invitation with a link to login to Organimi to access to the chart. 
  4. The newly designated Administrator must login with their email address and Organimi password. If this is their first time logging into Organimi, they can click on: New user? Register here to obtain a password.

If you’d like to remove an admin, simply  click the remove button under the administrator’s email address. A pop up confirmation window appears Are you sure you want to remove email address? Click OK.

Admins have the same rights as the account owner with a few exceptions: they cannot add or delete other admins and they can’t delete organizations. 

I hope this helps!

Thanks for using Organimi.

Nicole Ragno
Marketing & Customer Success