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Microsoft Azure Active Directory works with Organimi
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What is Azure Active Directory?


Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service, which helps your employees sign in and access resources in: External resources, such as Microsoft 365, the Azure portal, and thousands of other SaaS applications. It is designed to handle identity management with capabilities that include password management, security monitoring, auditing, and multi-factor authentication. Helping to streamline business operations (say goodbye to IT helpdesk calls for forgotten passwords!), AzureAD improves productivity and security with single sign-on across thousands of cloud-based applications, including ours—Organimi.

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With Organimi’s Azure Active Directory integration, you can create, update, and share your org charts in a matter of minutes. With as little as a single click, Organimi does all the work for you, allowing you to sync data from Azure Active Directory with Organimi and have your organizational charts built automatically, ready to be shared with people who need them.

After connecting Organimi with your Azure account, we import the Azure roster from your domain to gather all the information needed to build your org charts.

Information that Organimi collects and imports includes your organization members’ names, titles departments, pictures, and email addresses stored in Azure Active Directory. Once this information has been imported, Organimi will create an organizational chart automatically that you can then pick and choose from or edit further where necessary using Organimi’s intuitive chart building infrastructure with drag-and-drop functionality.

Any and all changes made in Azure Active Directory will automatically sync with Organimi, eliminating the need to change two sets of data each time.


With Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Organimi:

  • New employees added to Microsoft Azure Active Directory are automatically added to your Organimi org chart
  • Former employees removed when they leave the company
  • Reporting chains updated in Azure Active Directory are automatically updated in Organimi
  • Create multiple versions of your chart in Organimi for scenario planning and share them with your colleagues
  • Save your Organimi org charts to your Azure Active Directory in pdf formats so you can track changes over time
  • Share your org charts with other power users who can help you edit and update them, as easy as sharing a Word Document
  • Share your org charts around the team with simple, easy to use sharing features, or better yet, share via your intranet
  • Import “Custom Attributes” from Azure Active Directory into Organimi “Custom Fields”. From there you can build smart chart legends, search and filter using this data, etc.

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