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Children’s Marketplace

Organimi creates clarity within the organization, especially for new employees getting onboarded.

Nicole Bell

People Operations Leader, Maisonette

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Maisonette needed a centralized platform for their organizational data, with the ability to create numerous charts.

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Maisonette encountered obstacles in organizing its expanding workforce with previous tools.

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Organimi allowed Maisonette to create multiple chart variations effortlessly, driving in-depth org analysis and stakeholder engagement.

From Baby Steps to Growing Charts: Maisonette’s Journey with Organimi

Company Highlights

  • Maisonette is an online marketplace for high quality baby and kids products across every category; from apparel to gear to toys and home decor.
  • When you place an order, every brand ships their product directly to you.
  • Helps modern families navigate the adventure of parenthood, providing an expertly curated world of products for kids.

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Founded by two moms in 2017 with the goal of helping modern families raise the next generation, Maisonette carries over 1000 unique brands from around the globe, providing relevant, high quality product at every price point, and expert-led content tailored to every stage of parenthood.

With a projected increase in staff from 25 to 115 employees, Maisonette, the fast-growing venture-backed start-up, needed a tool to map out its growth trajectory and establish a robust reporting structure.

Business Challenge

Before adopting Organimi, Maisonette encountered obstacles in organizing its expanding workforce. Existing tools lacked the agility to accommodate changes in the org structure. Additionally, the absence of a platform capable of generating multiple chart options hindered Maisonette’s ability to present comprehensive organizational plans to its board effectively. These challenges prompted the need for a dynamic solution to streamline organizational planning and communication.

We needed a tool that would allow us to have multiple charts. One static chart to be used internally and another for organizational mapping to present to the board.

Nicole Bell

People Operations Leader, Maisonette


Organimi emerged as the solution to Maisonette’s organizational challenges, offering a comprehensive platform tailored to its specific needs. Nicole Bell, People Operations Leader at Maisonette, was already familiar with the tool from her previous position and continues to use it in her role today. With Organimi’s intuitive interface and robust functionality, Maisonette gained the flexibility required to manage its org structure effectively. The platform’s dynamic capabilities allowed Maisonette to create multiple chart variations effortlessly, driving in-depth organizational analysis and stakeholder engagement.

By providing a centralized platform for organizational data, Organimi empowered Maisonette to overcome communication barriers and foster transparency across departments. Maisonette’s decision to leverage Organimi became a strategic investment in enhancing organizational efficiency and driving long-term growth.


Organimi proved instrumental in addressing Maisonette’s organizational challenges and unlocking numerous benefits. Bell was able to easily import Maisonette’s employee data and have the chart automatically built, no manual work required. Leveraging Organimi’s dynamic org charts, Maisonette’s finance team gained valuable insights, facilitating accurate updating of financial statements and reports. Bell found Organimi particularly useful for producing multiple org charts tailored to different needs. Nicole was able to create a static chart for internal team reference but also used Organimi to produce dynamic charts for organizational planning, presenting various scenarios to the board for evaluation and decision-making. This allowed Bell to effectively communicate the company’s growth strategies and seek valuable input from stakeholders. Organimi now plays a crucial role in improving communication and collaboration within Maisonette, serving as a visual aid during periods of restructuring, and thereby fostering transparency across departments. Maisonette’s team embraces Organimi, citing its user-friendly interface and accessibility as key strengths.

Looking ahead, Maisonette recognizes Organimi’s potential to support future growth initiatives and strategic decision-making processes, aiming to align its organizational structure with long-term objectives and investor expectations. As Maisonette continues to evolve and expand, Organimi remains a trusted partner in driving organizational success and achieving strategic objectives.

Organimi gives Maisonette the ability to look at the current structure, move things around accordingly, and make strategic decisions based on the data.

Nicole Bell

People Operations Leader, Maisonette

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