How to Create an Organizational Chart.


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It’s very common for smaller organizations and non-profits to use tools like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Adobe to create their org charts. These applications offer several advantages: 

–  Users are already familiar with how to use them 

–  There are no incremental costs

–  Completed org charts provide basic functionality 

Microsoft Visio is another program often employed to create org charts. Powerpoint users will quickly grasp the basics of Visio, but Visio is a much more powerful and flexible tool. 

Visio does, however, share many of the limitations that traditional desktop applications have for creating and maintaining org charts, including:

–  Slow and difficult to use

–  Limited sharing functionality 

–  Inflexible and can’t scale

–  Minimal data import capabilities 

–  No integration with CRM and external applications

The Evolution of Organizational Chart Creation — It’s in the Cloud

Dedicated, cloud-based org chart solutions offer much greater utility and eliminate many of the challenges of using traditional office software. Leading providers like Organimi, Pingboard, Lucidchart, and ChartHop deliver many benefits, including:

Save time and administrative effort.

These solutions are simple to learn and save considerable administrative efforts, freeing up staff for more high-impact activities.

Provide powerful importing and integration capabilities.

HR teams can import data in standard formats like Excel and CSV, perform bulk photo imports, and even include external sources like LinkedIn. These solutions support integration with many common CRM applications and platforms like Salesforce and Google’s G Suite.


Highly customizable

Custom fields and multiple color-coding options provide a more effective, immersive presentation of organization data.

Easy to update and share

Many cloud-based org chart solutions can automate elements of the updating process. Updated charts are simple to share, typically by embedding a widely-accessible link on an internal site.

Is a Cloud-Based Organizational Chart Solution For You?

It’s a question of when, not if, most organizations should adopt a dedicated, cloud-based org chart solution. With no capital investment required, cloud-based solutions are cost-effective to implement and easy to scale. By reducing administrative costs and offering greater utility for all stakeholders, cloud-based org charts can deliver a compelling return on investment for organizations of every size.

Building Organizational Charts with Organimi — Getting Started

Although Organimi is one of the most powerful and flexible cloud-based org chart solutions, it’s also simple to learn and use. 

Creating an Org chart with Organimi begins with a straightforward, three-step process:

1.  Create an organization.
From your Organimi dashboard, click the ‘+ New Organization’ button. Once the ‘Create a New Organization’ pop-up window appears, enter the New Organization name. Finally, click ‘Create.’
More details here:


2. Add members to your organization roster.
Organimi provides two ways to add members to your chart — manually adding roster members one at a time or importing a list of names from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file to the roster.   
To manually add a new member, click ‘Roster,’ then ‘New Member.’ Complete the New Member screen that appears, then press ‘Save.’  You can save time by creating your org chart using files containing existing names, titles, reporting information, etc. From your dashboard, click the ‘Bulk Import’ button. When the ‘Import Members and Roles’ screen appears, follow the steps to import, review, and finalize members and roles for your org chart. Here’s a short video to walk you through the process.


3. Build out the organizational chart.
This is also a three-step process that involves selecting your chart type (traditional or matrix), adding roles to your chart, and adding colleagues and subordinates. 


Visit our Help Center to learn more about building and customizing your Organimi Organizational Charts 

Can Organimi Transform Your Organization?

From Starbucks to Uber and Shopify, companies worldwide are using Organimi to create comprehensive org charts used to help transform business planning, internal communications, and employee effectiveness.

Organimi org charts are simple to create and use yet scale to meet even the largest organizations’ needs. Cloud-based Organimi ensures org charts can be quickly updated and easily shared with all internal and external stakeholders, no matter where they’re located.

Using Organimi can dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to create and update org charts, freeing up your HR and admin teams to pursue other, more strategic activities. And Organimi’s flexible import/export capabilities allow you to integrate with many of the most common CRM and HR applications.

If your organization is still using traditional office tools to create and manage your org charts, it’s time to consider Organimi.

To learn more about how other organizations are using Organimi, 

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Organimi is a powerful, cloud-based org chart management platform that helps you connect and collaborate with your colleagues wherever they work!