Case Study Age Concern Colchester

UK-based nonprofit removes costs and adds clarity with Organimi org chart solution.

Organimi helps UK-based nonprofit view its organization in a whole new light.


  • A nonprofit based in Colchester, UK
  • supports older adults aged 65+ who are struggling with social issues such as poverty and loneliness
  • Provides Advice and Advocacy Services for those looking for financial support, benefits, care home costs, and community care
  • Includes over 100 volunteers who befriend and support their senior clients


Age Concern Colchester (ACC) is a nonprofit located in Colchester, UK, that supports the local senior community struggling with issues such as poverty and loneliness. With over 100 volunteers, ACC befriends seniors, provide opportunities for social interaction, and help their clients access better housing, healthcare, and other social services.

ACC maintains a unique organization structure, with two separate teams (employees and volunteers) managed on different CRM platforms. The nonprofit needed an effective way to consolidate its entire organization into a single, accessible org chart.


ACC’s unique structure created confusion for volunteers and external partners, especially since there wasn’t a single, consolidated org chart to which they could refer.

Simon Prestney, Age Concern’s CEO, had his team creating and updating their org charts in PowerPoint. This was difficult and time-consuming, and the org charts didn’t accurately portray the roles and relationships within the organization. “When I went to update the chart manually on PowerPoint, it was out of date before I opened it,” says Prestney. “It was a painful process.”

As well, ACC needed to integrate staff information from two separate systems, Breathe HR (for employees) and Salesforce Charity (for volunteers). In the absence of a proper solution, this information had to be pulled and included manually into the PowerPoint org charts.

Prestney and his team went looking for a solution to simplify the creation and maintenance of their org charts while providing the flexibility to add additional information and view it in multiple ways.

“When I went to update the chart manually on PowerPoint, it was out of date before I opened it. It was a painful process.”

—Simon Prestney, Chief Executive Officer, Age Concern Colchester


After exploring several solutions, Prestney and his team chose Organimi for its flexibility and ease of use. With Organimi, the team was able to quickly import employee data from Breathe HR and volunteer information from Salesforce Charity. Both sets of data were easily consolidated into a clear, effective org chart.

Prestney’s team also used Organimi’s Color-coding feature to highlight departing employees and volunteers in red, and roles that needed to be filled in green. As a result, with a single look, all stakeholders could see the gaps that needed to be addressed as the organization continued to grow.

“Organimi is what you should have in place if your company is growing.”

—Simon Prestney, Chief Executive Officer, Age Concern Colchester


With Organimi, Prestney significantly reduced the time and effort required to maintain current org charts, freeing up his team to pursue more important and strategic initiatives. “Organimi definitely saved us a lot of time,” says Prestney.

The team was also able to customize the org chart to accurately represent the unique nature of ACC’s employee/volunteer relationships, helping all stakeholders to better collaborate and navigate the organization.

Prestney also leverages Organimi’s flexibility to export and print specific sections of the org chart for presentations and to share with his employees and volunteers.

Using Organimi, Prestney has transformed the cumbersome, time-consuming task of creating manual org charts in Powerpoint. His team can quickly update charts from multiple data sources and present that information in various ways for maximum effect.

Prestney continues to be impressed. “Organimi is what you should have in place if your company is growing,” he says.