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-Frank Fiorito, Project Manager, AdventHealth Cardiovascular institute

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Here’s why everyone’s switching to Organimi’s cloud-based org
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Free up time and Resources

Organimi’s cloud-based solution is simple to implement, use, and manage. Generate org charts automatically by importing any CSV or Excel file

Powerful Data Integration

Integrate personnel and other related data from a wide range of applications, such as Microsoft Outlook,Salesforce, and Google Business Apps

Multiple Sharing Options

Share via email, URL, or by embedding charts in your company’s intranet. Provide view or edit access on a per user basis.

Flexible Customization

Easily create and apply custom fields, whether in text or numeric format, URL, checkbox, or tag.

Matrix Org Chart

Our Matrix Org Chart for Project Teams allows you to map out your organization in a modern grid format, rather than the traditional hierarchal format. You’re also able to indicate multiple reporting relationships. 

Data Security

Organimi Partners with Amazon Web Services and Heroku for application and data storage, so your sensitive personnel information is secure, backed up, and always available